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Cleveland Dog Left ‘Starved and Dumped’ on East Side Headed to Foster Home After Speedy Recovery

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Two weeks ago Kaylee, a 3-year-old pup, was found emaciated on the east side of Cleveland. Now, animal rescuers are working to find her a permanent home after placing her in foster care on Wednesday.

According to Anna Merriman, founder of Mutts in a Rut Rescue, Kaylee was rescued by Cleveland police who spotted the poor thing wandering the area. They then handed her over to Mutts in a Rut Rescue, a foster-based rescue organization, who took her to West Park Animal Hospital for treatment.

“It becomes harder to know what to say each time I post a dog in this condition,” Mutts in a Rut Rescue wrote in a Facebook post. “I’m disappointed in my city. I just can’t comprehend why dogs show up as strays like this over and over again. Starved and dumped.”

When she arrived at the pet hospital, Kaylee was 22 pounds: about half her estimated body weight. Veterinarian Dr. Nicole Plantner told Fox 8 that she’s already gained four pounds since treatment, but her ribs and bones still protrude and she’s always hungry.

“She’s very sweet and friendly despite being obviously mistreated,” Plantner said. “So she’s come a long way.”

Kaylee is expected to make a full recovery and is set to be up for adoption in a month of two, where she can safely live out the rest of her good ol’ doggy-life.

To make sure of this pup’s recovery, you can donate to Mutts in a Rut Rescue.

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