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NFL job chance might be over after workout drama

NFL job chance might be over after workout drama
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What we witnessed on Saturday, in the latest episode of Colin Kaepernick against the world, was nothing short of tragic, yet entirely avoidable.

In his long-overdue opportunity to workout for prospective employers, Kaepernick had the chance to change minds, to rewrite the narrative. He could have secured the ultimate victory over the league and owners who have blacklisted him for three years.

He had the chance to position himself to simultaneously shred both defenses and racist ideals while flexing on all those who wrote him off because he wasn’t afraid to take an unpopular political stand in 2016 by protesting during the national anthem.

But now, that opportunity very well could have evaporated.

With lingering emotional scars from nearly three years of exile from the league, Kaepernick couldn’t trust the setup presented to him this weekend in Atlanta. He sabotaged his opportunity and took another step further away from returning to the NFL. Worst of all, he lent further credence to those who have long suspected he never really was all that serious about playing again.

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