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Limited Edition Challah at Zaro’s

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Zaro’s Family Bakery, now in its fourth generation, has collaborated with a number of chefs to create a series of unusual braided breads. Not only do they involve offbeat flavors, but some are dusted with assorted seeds, and others, like the one made with coffee, are particularly fragrant. From Dec. 2 through 8 there will be an Israeli everything spice challah created by the cookbook writer Adeena Sussman. Llamita’s coffee and quinoa version will be available from Dec. 10 through 15. Seed & Mill’s tahini and date appears from Dec. 17 through 22; Sahadi’s za’atar and pistachio, Jan. 14 through 19; Win Son’s scallion and fried shallot, Jan. 21 through 26; La Boîte’s turmeric and miso, Jan. 28 through Feb. 2; Num Pang Kitchen’s potato and dill, Feb. 4 through 9; and Jacques Torres’s chocolate challah, Feb. 11 through 16.

Challah Collaboration Series, $8.95 each at Zaro’s Family Bakery locations, including a new one opening Dec. 12 at 1825 Park Avenue (125th Street), but excluding shops on the Lower Level at Grand Central Terminal and in Parkchester, the Bronx, zaro.com.

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