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Best Adult Easter Basket for Pasta Lovers

Best Adult Easter Basket for Pasta Lovers
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With COVID-19 impacting all aspects of life, Easter celebrations are likely to look at least a little different this year—online masses and Skype sessions with far-flung family, for instance—but we know a lot of people will still be enjoying Easter baskets and traditional dinners. So we’re sharing ideas we hope will help bring happiness to you and yours. Here, an Easter basket that celebrates the glory of pasta.

Easter baskets aren’t only for the young, and needn’t only be filled with candy, regardless of the age of the recipient. Ascribing a theme is a thoughtful way to put together an Easter basket, or for any occasion worth celebrating. We’ve covered healthy alternatives, as well as those built around chocolate and wine, and now up? Pasta.

We all know and love one: someone who’d rather have another serving of savory than dessert. Someone who can eat pasta every day of the week, and even every meal of the day. Someone who can deliver a monologue about the finer points of various shapes and their soulmate sauces. Someone whose face would surely light up on Easter or any other day of the year when presented with the following “basket” of pasta-themed treats:

Rustic White Farmhouse Colander, $31.50 on Etsy


You could just get a traditional basket and go to town with a glue gun and some hardcore macaroni art if you have the time. Or, you can get creative with the definition of “basket.” Here, a colander is on-theme and practical, and its rustic aesthetic can allow your pasta lover to dream of a sun-dappled, Tuscan farmhouse kitchen.Buy Now

Bunny Hop Pasta, $5.50 on Pasta Shoppe

bunny pasta

The Pasta Shoppe

You could probably also just fill up a basket with Annie’s Bunny Pasta and call it a day for your thematic Easter basket. I mean, that would work for me. But if you’re up for trying a little harder, these bunny-shaped noods from The Pasta Shoppe also have the pastel palette working for them. For the exceptionally enthusiastic (or for those who require chocolate on Easter), try this recipe from Food52 for Chocolate Pasta with Mushrooms and Rosemary.Buy Now

Pasta Making Kit, $30.57 on Etsy


If your pasta fiend has always spoken of learning to make pasta for themselves, there’s never been a better time. Staples like flour and eggs are easier to come by than boxed pasta anyway right now. This thoughtful kit has everything you need for rolling, cutting, and shaping all the pasta varieties you can imagine.Buy Now

Sfoglini Seasonal Pasta Subscription, Price Varies on Food52


For those who like their noodles on the wild side, a pasta subscription promises a monthly thrill with shapes you can’t yet imagine, plus some vibrant herb-studded flavors and those dramatic squid-ink numbers.Buy Now

Sicily Pasta Bowl $67.95 on Williams Sonoma

Williams Sonoma

A proper pasta bowl is wide and shallow, to allow for easy tossing and even distribution of sauce. A proper Easter pasta bowl, like this one, has colors and patterns redolent of hand-painted eggs.Buy Now

Truffle Salt, $29.95 on Williams Sonoma

Williams Sonoma

For those who dream of the holiday rainfall of white and black truffles shaved over elegant pasta preparations, a little truffle salt can go a long way in providing a simple luxury at home with a heady whiff of the unmistakable truffle umami.Buy Now

Spaghetti and Meatballs Earrings, $9.00 on Etsy


Many pasta-shaped pieces of jewelry are available, from cheap and fun novelty bowtie necklaces, to those actually made with precious metals. But this is the most precious, IMO: meatball earrings dangling from tiny forks, embraced by saucy strands of spaghetti.Buy Now

Vintage Italiana Pasta Poster, $26.00 on Etsy


If you dream of pasta in and outside of your kitchen, this vintage poster featuring pasta shapes and features can brighten any room where you hang it.Buy Now

Header image courtesy of Isabel Pavia/Getty Images.

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