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Hey Pandas, Post Pics Of Your Pets Just After You Adopted Them

Hey Pandas, Post Pics Of Your Pets Just After You Adopted Them
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There’s nothing quite like that precious moment of holding your new furry friend right after you become a parent. The adventure called life is right around the corner and neither of you can hold in your excitement!

So, dear Pandas, we invite you to post the pictures of your pets right after you adopted them! Because chances are, you will remember everything about the little critter sitting humbly on the ride back home like it happened yesterday.

#1 This Is Henry A Few Hours After We Adopted Him. A Mama’s Boy Immediately!

Image credits: Amy Hayden

#2 On The Day I Adopted The Choc Lab (Harmony) I Took Her To My Parents House To Meet Their Dog (Duke) This Is His Reaction To Her Getting On The Bed With Him

Image credits: Marcia Travers

#3 Someone Threw This Baby Out In The Parking Lot Of A Gas Station From Their Car Yesterday…

People were trying to catch him and the little guy just came running out to me. I picked him up and the folks was saying well he found his home now..

Image credits: Marintha Nealey Mosley

#4 This Was My Baby The Day I Adopted Her. She Slept For Hours. I Love Her To Death

Image credits: Bri Henry

#5 This Is Luna. Adopted Her A Week Ago. This Photo Was Taken 2 Hours After We Brought Her Home

Image credits: Jayn Warne

#6 Fig My Lockdown Foster On His Ride Home From The Rescue. He Was Neutered Yesterday So I’m Just Waiting For The Final Paperwork So I Can Officially Say He Is Furever Mine

Image credits: Emily Myers

#7 This Was Hank In Jan 2020 When I Picked Him Up From A Transport That Brought Him To Massachusetts From Arkansas Where He Was In A Foster Home

He was super anxious. Just this month, June 2020 he started kissing me. Now he won’t stop!

Image credits: Daisy Mae

#8 “I’ll Never Get A Pet” To… 2 Hours After Adopting Cookie

Image credits: Francesca Rinaldi

#9 A Couple Of Hours After Bringing Our Rescue Staffy ‘Blue’ Home… 3 Years Later & Hes Like Hes Always Been Here.. Such A Good Boy

Image credits: Nichola Tilley

#10 I Rescued A 12-13 Yr Old Dog Three Years Ago. This Is Her Being Held By One Of The Animal Shelter Employees And The Other Is About 20 Mins After Being In Her New Forever Home! Sweet Chloe

Image credits: Sierra De Jong

#11 “New Home New Stick” Hours After Adoption

Image credits: Mantas Kačerauskas

#12 This Is Faye Only Hours After I Brought Her Home. She Was Found Wandering Around In The Texas Summer Heat. Her Old Owners Were Uninterested In Taking Her Back. I Thinks She’s Okay With It

Image credits: Hayley Thorndike

#13 This Was Taken On Monday, An Hour After Adopting Our Sweet Little Kitten

Image credits: Erin James

#14 Brought Home Our Tabby On Feb 1st…this Was A Month Ago. I Think My Fears Of My Tuxedo Cat Not Liking Her Were Squashed Officially After This Photo

Image credits: Virginia VJ Smith

#15 When I Took This Picture, This Baby Was A Stray Cat

Feeling his body on mine and hearing he’s purring just because he felt comfortable in my arms made me decide. Two days from that day he became mine. Officially. Now we are living on abroad and he is happier than ever… So am I.

Image credits: Alexandra Tusz

#16 This Is My Dog Marcie. This Was Her A Few Hours After Getting Her From Our Local Humane Society. I’ve Never Met A Dog That’s More Cuddly And Silly Than Her

Image credits: Candace Summers

#17 Rescued This Kitten Yesterday And He’s Already Settled With My Daughter!

Image credits: Becky Rebecca Wylie

#18 This Is Ginger, We Rescued Her From The Pound This Photo Is Her First Day In Her New Home. She Has Since Lost Any Insecurity And Is One Happy Pup

Image credits: Rick Parsons

#19 This Is Us With Our Lil Teddy At The Shelter, We Are Filling Out Paperwork To Take Him Home. He Is In His Mommas Jessica Jck Dms Lap And After 3 Years That’s Still His Favorite Place To Be

Image credits: Kaley Ann

#20 Off To His Forever Home

Image credits: Dionne Pells

#21 Got Him Yesterday

Image credits: Jay Peter

#22 This Is Kramer. Someone Tossed Him Out Of A Car And I Was Lucky Enough To Be Rescued By Him. Immediate Mama’s Boy! Sweetest Dog I’ve Ever Had.

#23 I Rescued This Handsome 15 Yr Old Siamese And He Hopped In My Lap Immediately

Image credits: Denise Scarff

#24 Sam On The Right Who We Adopted After About 10 Minutes Of Bringing Him Home. Cricket (Corgi) Loves Her New Brother!

Image credits: Sherry Dolan

#25 Less Than An Hour After Adopting Our Baby

Image credits: Abigail Pickett

#26 Our Pretty Pitty Puppy, Her First Day Home

Image credits: Brandon Mitchell

#27 Adopted 5 Hours Ago

Image credits: Femke Negenman

#28 We Had Just Picked Him Up Less Than An Hour Before This Picture And Took Him To A Nearby Park, He Loves His Daddy. We Will Be At A Year Since We Rescued Him On September 21

Image credits: Haley Minor

#29 15 Minutes After We Got Home Foe The 1st Time

Image credits: Tracie Selby Steele

#30 Adopted Him At 4 Years Old. First Weekend In His New Home And He Was Already Loving His New Life

Image credits: Kyle Jones

#31 We Adopted This Pupper Today

Image credits: Fylo Meow

#32 Sophie, An Hour After Adoption. Shelter Deemed Her A Black Lab/Huskie Mix And A Lost Case With Parvo

Image credits: Joe Morgan

#33 This Is Our Rescue Scrappy! This Is After His First Meal Home With Us. He’s Such A Good Boy

Image credits: Cortni Uss

#34 This Is One Of My Rescues, 5 Minutes After Bringing Her Home. She Made Herself Comfortable Quite Fast

Image credits: Becca Moorehead

#35 My Rescue, Ashley. This Was A Couple Hours After We Brought Her Home. We’ve Had Her Now For A Couple Years And She’s Definitely A Character

Image credits: Melissa Goodman

#36 Literally The Day I Got My Adopted Child

Image credits: Adonnia Raddatz

#37 They Said He Might Need Time To Get Used To Us… It Took Him 10mins

Image credits: Jana Neath

#38 This Was The Same Night We Got Her

She was a stray along with her sister that someone found in the neighborhood. Someone posted on Facebook if anyone could pick them up since it was on there property but not their cats. They were covered in fleas and bleeding all over from bites. On top of that it was summer time in Georgia so it was really humid and wet. We picked up both of the sisters and brought them home and this one has never left my side since. They seemed even more happy whenever we got the fleas removed for good. This was 2 years ago and now every night she’ll curl up under my armpit and sleep with me all night.

Image credits: James Hill

#39 About 1 Hour After She Was Adopted

Image credits: Emily O'Dell Garnett

#40 The Day I Adopted My Adult Female Cat Pepper

Image credits: Sofi Mujica

#41 In The Car On The Way Home From Adopting Her From Leeds Dogs Trust

Image credits: Gavin Pedel

#42 Little Pawtatoe The Drive Home And Then Realizing What He Got Himself Into

#43 Precious Boy Cuddled Up To The First Sock He Found

#44 The Day Of Adoption For Both. Two Years Apart

Image credits: Chelsea Piper

#45 Lily, 15 When I Adopted Her, She Lived To 17, Most Beautiful Girl Ever Xxx

#46 My Ninja Was Like That, We Adopted Her At 6 Months And That Same Night She Decided She Wanted To Sleep Wedged Between Us On The Sofa

Image credits: Rhoda Jefferson

#47 30 Minutes After Arrival

Image credits: Tina Povrzan

#48 Rescued The Same Day, Such A Sweet Boy. Poor Thing Was Covered In Fleas, Had Ear Mites, And Was Emaciated

Image credits: Shelby Ann

#49 Mr. Bentley On The Way Home From The Rescue – Just After His First Visit To The Pet Store To Get Goodies Of His Very Own

Image credits: Lindsay Bunker Beal

#50 Our Rescues 2,5 Weeks Ago On Their 1st Day Home Xenie (8 Weeks) And Kitty (6 Weeks)

Xenie is a snuggle bug and adapted quick and love it when you play ball with her. Kitty came to the shelter wild and very thin. For 2 weeks he only ate and slept (mostly on my shoulder). Since the beginning of this week they’ve been waking us up with their playing. Kitty now comes for rubs and loves sleeping with us. Rescues are the best

Image credits: Tertia Vivier Van Breda

#51 These Sweet Sisters – Fiona And Tiana – Just Two Hours After Coming Into Our Home From The Shelter

Image credits: Danica Coryell

#52 Desi On The Ride Home… Poor Girl Was So Tired.

#53 The Most Adorable Fluff Monster Just Minutes After Coming Home From The Woods

#54 Happy Ride Home!

#55 Took Her A Day Before The Lockdown. She Instantly Became Our Friend

#56 This Is Bob Pickles Gooden

#57 Little Oscar, Technically, It’s Our Other Cat Who Adopted Him.

#58 This Is Our Rescue 3 Years Ago vs. Now. We Got Him Just A Couple Of Weeks After His Leg Was Amputated.

#59 Found In The Streets, Knew She Was Ours. (Tried To Find Another Possible Owner, Nobody Showed)

#60 Little Oscar, Technically, It’s Our Other Cat Who Adopted Him.

#61 Little Oscar, Adopted By Our Other Cat.

#62 Rescued These Two Beasts From The Side Of The Road In The Caribbean Where We Live. Sisters

#63 Pickle & Iggy, Exhausted On Adoption Day!

#64 Max And His Toe Beans, First Full Day With Me.

#65 This Is Miso Right After We Got Him. He Was Super Sick And Underweight, But Now He Flourishing

#66 Saved These Two Sisters

#67 This Is My Dog Gravy A Few Hours After Bringing Him Home From The Shelter.

#68 Little Oscar, Technically, It’s Our Other Cat Who Adopted Him.

#69 Little Cooper! He’s Already Claimed My Old Couch And Loves His Teddy.

#70 Four Month Old Frankie, A Few Days After We Adopted Him From A Local Rescue. He’d Had A Rough Start In Life, With A Coat Full Of Ringworm And Quite Possibly From A Feral Colony. I Had To Bath Him Every Day For A Few Weeks After, But The Ringworm Eventually Went Away. He’s Now A Fungus Free Kitty, Sleek And Handsome. He Loves Boxes And Plays For Hours. He’s So Happy, And I Love Him So Much 🙂

#71 Neko At 7 1/2 Weeks Old

#72 This Photo Was Taken Right After I Adopted My Littles! Can’t Believe It’s Been A Year Already.

#73 This Is Allie We Found Her On Our Doorstep Covered In Fleas And Mites, We Took Her In And Gave Her A Home This Is From 2 Months Ago And She Is Doing Much Better, I Hope You Enjoy This Pic.

#74 A Stray Kitten Saved As A Baby From The Streets Of A Greek Island. (Here 4 Months Old Alice)

#75 This Two Little Cuties One Hours After Adoption

#76 My Husband And Our Dog First Time Together, Three Years Ago. They Are Clearly Soulmates

#77 Our Kitty A Year Ago When She Came Home With Us

#78 Rosa & Amy , 2 Yrs Old?, Found In A Homeless Camp On Oahu As Abonded Pair.

#79 My Daughter And Our Cat Just A Few Days After We Found Him : He Was Left Starving In The Streets.

#80 Our Sweet Rescue…latte!

#81 Violet On Left And Caracara The Day We Adopted Her. They Are Greyhounds 6 And 7 For Us

#82 We Brought Her Home That Day. She Was Two Months Old And Was Happy Just Sleeping Beside Us

#83 Her First Christmas She Is Like 6 Or 7 Months Old

#84 This Is Francis – Adopted In 2015 (He Was 12 Weeks Old)

#85 This Is Francis – Adopted In 2015 (He Was 12 Weeks Old)

#86 My Daughter And Our Cat Just A Few Days After We Found Him : He Was Left Starving In The Streets.

#87 Pug Puppy

#88 Layla First Day In Her New Forever Home!

#89 Rosa & Amy , 2 Yrs Old?, Found In A Homeless Camp On Oahu As Abonded Pair.

#90 Her First Christmas She Is Still A Baby Like 6 Or 7 Months

#91 Her First Christmas She Is Still A Baby Like 6 Or 7 Months

#92 Her First Christmas She Is Still A Baby Like 6 Or 7 Months

#93 Her First Christmas She Is Still A Baby Like 6 Or 7 Months

#94 Her First Christmas She Is Still A Baby Like 6 Or 7 Months

#95 Her First Christmas She Is Still A Baby Like 6 Or 7 Months

#96 Pug Puppy

#97 Our Polly Living The Good Life A Few Years After Her Adoption.

#98 Doc & Archie

#99 Doc & Archie

#100 Huge Paws For A 2 Months Old Cat. My Boy Was Sleeping On My Husband’s Lap The Same Day He Arrived Here. Love Him Sooo Much!

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