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‘Catspotting’ Is A Facebook Group Where People Share The Best, Unexpected Encounters With Cats (72 Pics)

‘Catspotting’ Is A Facebook Group Where People Share The Best, Unexpected Encounters With Cats (72 Pics)
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We’ve introduced you to dogspotting, so it’s only fair we cover catspotting as well. After all, what is our world with just one and not the other?

In its core, the group is a place to post photos and videos when you unexpectedly encounter a cat. “Cats are elusive and have lots of attitudes, so the scenarios you’ll find them in are always really interesting,” Ruby Black, the creator of the Catspotting Facebook group, told We.

She started the online community in 2014 and said they’ve had some crazy and weird spots throughout the years, cats in unbelievable situations or beautiful scenery and such. “We encourage members to share a bit of the story with their spot, like the circumstances surrounding how, when, and where,” Black explained.

Continue scrolling and check out some of the most memorable spots the group has ever seen!

More info: Facebook

#1 Spotted In The Building In Front Of My Job!

Image credits: Neus DG

#2 I Was Watching TV In My Living Room, Only To Realize I Too, Was Being Watched. Bc, Canada.

Image credits: Kaitlyn Neff‎

#3 Spotted: Ginger Soil, Super Rare Swedish Phenomenon. A Little Reluctant To Pets, But Overally 11/10

Image credits: ‎Agnieszka Gryz‎

#4 Found This Pretty Flower On A Walk A Few Weeks Ago, Wouldn’t Let Me Pet But Still Loved The View

Image credits: 15 September

#5 My Chest, Not My Cat! Spotted This Beautiful Big Guy In My Dad’s Garden A Few Days Ago

Image credits: Jasmine Davis‎

#6 Think I Ran Into The Same Kitty Enjoying The Sun Again

Image credits: Sean Delaney‎

#7 Stumbled On This Super Old Trooper Today. Even Broke Social Distancing Rules To Give Him A Head Scratch. Massive Paws. 12/10 Worth A Bit Of Hand Sanitising Afterwards

Image credits: ‎Richard Gallon‎

#8 The Smoke Has Cleared Up A Little Bit Here In The Bay Area, So I Went Out For A Walk And Spotted These Two Buddies Enjoying The Night Air Together.

Image credits: Adam Gillitt‎

#9 I Saw The Most Beautiful Speepy Angel, Lounging In Their Kingdom. (A Restaurant In My Hometown Amsterdam)

Image credits: Manna Prudon‎

#10 District Nursing Cat! He Loved A Fuss!

Image credits: Rebecca Steed

#11 Just Having Lunch And Then Suddenly This Cat Jumped On My Lap. Obviously I Was Not Thrilled By This At All!

Image credits: Renée Loomans

#12 My Friend And I Were Out To Get Something And Were Walking To The Station When She Points At This Adorable Cat And Gives Me The “Ugh Fine” Look And I Gave This Floof The Best Pets. She Was Letting Me Scratch Her Belly And Under Her Chin

She was very elegant and very pretty. I think the owners lived nearby since someone was biking by with their daughter and said “look who’s sitting on the stairs, it’s pjuske (fluffy in Danish)”. 10/10 would pet and miss a train for again.

Image credits: Johanne Skatka Nielsen‎

#13 Floppy Eared Cutie, Spotted Up The Road From Me

Image credits: Jules Farrington‎

#14 This New Neighbor Has Been Coming To Visit Me Everyday For The Last 4 Days

Image credits: Lisa Harrington‎

#15 My Brother Spotted This Lil Baby In The Middle Of The Road So He Brought Her Over To Give Her A Bath. He Bought Some Kmr Since She Seems To Only Be Around 2 Weeks Old And Took Her Home

Image credits: Danielle Silver‎

#16 Ensuring No Bookmarks Are Stolen On His Watch

Image credits: Penny Meyers‎

#17 My Front Deck. Not My Cat. I Like Her Snaggle-Tooth Grin

Image credits: Elizabeth Smith‎

#18 I Did Not Dare To Disturb This Little White Cloud

Image credits: ‎Jitske Luijendijk‎

#19 Met A New Friend Today

Image credits: Erika Eidslott‎

#20 The Cutest Staff In Our Local Supermarket

Image credits: Jen Carlos‎

#21 Mitzi Is A Cat Who Hangs Out At The Gate With The Security Guards In The University Where I Work/Study. But In Hebrew, “Mitz” Means Juice. So Whenever The Students Make A Post About The Cat, Facebook Translate Turns Her Name Into “Security Juice.” Meet Security Juice. She’s A Fluffer Who Enjoys Pets

Image credits: ‎Zemmy Ang‎

#22 Holy Mackerel!!! I Met This Thicc, Loud, Very Friendly Boy Who Would Not Let Me Leave!!!! Plz Find Attached: Video Of This Big Old Creamsicle Slapping Me With His Paw When I Tried To Walk Away

Image credits: ‎Bronwen Alexina Deurbrouck-David‎

#23 Spotted This Black & White Dough Ball On The Way Home. 10/10 For Inspiring A Black & White Photograph

Image credits: Helen Ratcliff

#24 I Found This Cutie In My Backyard. He Proceeded To Attack My Shoes With Those Murder Mittens And Then Pull Down My Too Big Sweatpants Trying To Climb Up My Leg For More Pets. Would Totally Pet Again With Pants That Can’t Fall Down. 10/10

Image credits: Tina LaBonte‎

#25 Don’t Pspsps To Me Or My Son Or My Wife Ever Again. ?cats At A Local Museum In Ioannina Greece.

Image credits: Maria Tsi‎

#26 *my Bathroom, Not My Cat* We Left The Garden Door Open And Juno (A Neighbour Cat) Snuck In And Made Herself At Home – Who Could Be Mad At That Face!!?

Image credits: Sarah Greenwood‎

#27 Was On Zoom For Class And Turned Around And Did A Double Take. Inside Cat Mine, Outside Cat Not My Cat. Da Baby (My Cat) Tapped The Window And Outside Cat Looked At Him Like He/She Saw A Ghost And Ran!

Image credits: ‎Megan Eileen LaPlaca‎

#28 Spotted While Working Near Los Angeles Just Now. Took The Picture Just In Time – Kitty Bailed Right After. Updated With Second Picture In The Comments Because The Kitty Came Back And Looked At Me!

Image credits: Lorelei Miller‎

#29 Saw In The Grocery Store In Sedona, Az. She Meowed At Me!

Image credits: ‎Joyce Vanderhorst‎

#30 Ran Into This Sweet Girl On My Way Home

Image credits: ‎Katherine Clark‎

#31 Little Lady Sat In A Planter Waiting On Her Pint

Image credits: Peter Bray‎

#32 My Boyfriend And I Rescued This Little Guy Off The Side Of The Side Of The Road. He’s So Little! Poor Little Guy Kept Almost Running Out Into The Road Crying For Help

Image credits: Rachel Markunas‎

#33 Saw This Beautiful Duo On My Walk This Morning. They Both Came Running Over For Scritches

Image credits: Stacie Louise Humphrey‎

#34 I Met The Cat Of My Dreams Today Named Alex. Pretty Sure He Was A Maine Coon Based On His Sweet Puppy Dog Demeanor. He Demanded Attention And Would Follow Me If I Continued On My Walk. I Was Absolutely Smitten With Him. Please Peruse

Image credits: Sarah Biegelsen

#35 Left The Window Open And Came Home To A Surprise Cat Burglar. Very Polite Company, Mostly Sat Opposite Us And Watched Us Watch TV… 10/10 Camouflage On Armchair & Excellent Guest

Image credits: Hannah Gooding

#36 My Car, But Not My Cat. Very Beautiful, Very Friendly, Likes To Stick Her Tongue Out At You & Show Off Her Balancing Skills. Found Out That This Is The Neighbour’s Cat & Her Name Is Foxy. 10000/10

Image credits: Caitlan Maxwell

#37 Bookstore Cat Does Not Want Your Business, Thanks

Image credits: Katherine Janicki

#38 Majestic Floof Spotted Yesterday Giving Me The Wary Eye

Image credits: Rachael Hobson

#39 Check Out This Guys Eyes. A Really Friendly Moggy

Image credits: Marie Nirai

#40 Big Ginge Does A Big Roll: A Photographic Essay ??? (Perfect 7am Greeting Outside Work) London, UK

Image credits: ‎Anna Notserp‎

#41 Met This Little Cutie On A Stroll Home From The Beach

Image credits: Talisker Alcobia Cornford‎

#42 New Neighbors In My Apartment Complex! Nearly Cried Tears Of Joy This Morning

Image credits: ‎Elyse Jankowski‎

#43 My Stairs. Not My Cat. The Eyes

Image credits: Shaun Wheatley‎

#44 Caught This Little One At A Local Farm Today Waited For Feral Mama To Come Back And She Wouldn’t :(. Feeding Her And Then Transporting Her To A Rescue With A Nursing Mama Kitty And Round The Clock Care

Image credits: Aspen Allen‎

#45 Met This Extremely Loving Cherub Out On My Little Walk Today

Image credits: Emma Caskey‎

#46 The Local Kitten At Our Airbnb ? She Stole Some Of My Toast And Then Attacked A Spicy Fly

Image credits: Oliver Jeffreys‎

#47 Not My House. Not My Cat. He Wanders In And Makes Himself At Home, Fights The Dog Occasionally. Nicknamed Dave.

Image credits: Abi Broomfield‎

#48 Spotted This Chonky Cutie At My Local Market. He’s Friendly But Very Alert

Image credits: Amy Vijabund

#49 The Good Life

Image credits: ‎Rheanna Major‎

#50 This Stray Mama Has Come Around For A Few Weeks Looking For Food. She Finally Brought Her Baby Around And I Cannot Handle The Politeness

Image credits: Carly Paige Davis

#51 Wow Samhain Doth Approach-Eth!!!??! This Cat: Extremely Sweet And Extremely Bitey, And Had The Cuuuuutest Curved Evil Kitty Ears. Anyone Else’s Cats Give Friendly Bites Like This???

Image credits: Bronwen Alexina Deurbrouck-David

#52 Spotted This Kitty Just Clowning Around Outside My Friend’s Apartment

Image credits: Courtney Pakula

#53 The Neighbour’s House Caught Fire And A 10 Year Old Boy Came Out Of The House Carrying His Cat Yoda. So We Welcomed Him And His Mother Into Our House. Yoda Took Over The Flat And Is An Absolute Sweetheart.

Image credits: Adam Norfolk

#54 I Sometimes See This Very Soft Owl On My Walk Home. She Has A Pink Collar That Says Either “Grace” Or “Gracie” – Can’t Quite See In Between The Little Chin Scratches She Allows

Image credits: Margaret Riley

#55 Saw This Beautiful Boy On A Walk. He Was Also Walking, But In The Opposite Direction. He Greeted Us Warmly, But Only Gave Us 30 Seconds Of His Time Before He Continued On His Walk!

Image credits: Jackie Steen Scardino

#56 3 Babies We Found And Are Now Taking Care Of (2 More Are Out There But We Need To Trap Them, Too Speedy)

Image credits: Anne-Marie Sugg

#57 Saw This Cutie In A Backpack Who Mowed At Me!

Image credits: Camilla Lam

#58 Spotted This Magnificent Big Boy In The Beautiful Cornish Village Of Lizard Today. He Was Very Friendly. No Idea What He Is, But His Yellow Eyes Were Mesmerising.

Image credits: Bonnie Miles‎

#59 Spotted This One Eyed Beautiful Boy Outside Weatherspoons Sherwood Nottingham UK. Gives Loads Of Cuddles

Image credits: Shelley Parkinson‎

#60 I Just Got Off Work, Come Home To Let My Dogs Out And This Little Thing Starts Following Around My One Pupper, It Was Chilly And No Mom

Poor thing must have a cold, keeps sneezing snot out and sounds like it’s wheezing. She’ll (I think it’s a she) will be going to vets to get looked at. In the mean time, pup ain’t letting her out of her sight.

Image credits: Rebecca May Zinn‎

#61 Met This Grumpy Fluff Ball On My Walk Today. Accepted Two Pats Before Moving On With His Very Busy Schedule.

Image credits: Julie M. Forrester‎

#62 Who Spotted Who?

Image credits: Becca Syracuse‎

#63 Met This Fierce Lion On My Walk Today. Floof Setting – Extreme. Friendliness – Off The Scale. Miaow Volume – Turn It Down! He Followed Me For A While Before Returning To The Savannah

Image credits: Georgina Sheldrick‎

#64 There Was A Thrift Shop In Ogunquit, Maine That Was Also A Home To This Pretty Kitty Along With Three Others! The Store Is A Cat Sanctuary/No-Kill Shelter And They Take In Strays And Give Them Up For Adoption ? All Money Made Goes To The Kits

Image credits: Sarah Files‎

#65 This Ball Of Cat Was Hiding Under A Car In The Parking Lot At Work

Image credits: Kyle O'Rourke‎

#66 Met This Very Large Man In A Friend’s Yard Last Night. Very Sweet, Very Aggressive Head Butts

Image credits: ‎Gianna Cormier‎

#67 Cat Has Property, If You Has Coin? 100% Would Buy

Image credits: Emma Hazleton‎

#68 Heard Shouting At The Window In The Cottage I Rented Last Weekend On The Aran Islands. Lifted The Net Curtain To Be Greeted By This Enthusiastic Member Of The Local Welcome Committee!

Image credits: Claire Kelly‎

#69 Proxy Spot For A Friend In Stony Stratford UK. Three Beauties Hanging Out Together, One Well Camouflaged!

Image credits: ‎Anna Wood‎

#70 Jumped Into My Car When I Was On A Bnb Talking To The Owner Of The Place. How Cute?

Image credits: ‎Vevê Mambrini‎

#71 Proxy Spot. A Friend Went Biking In The Woods Of Rural Central Pennsylvania (USA). On Their Bike Trip They Found All Of These Tiny Kitties In The Woods!! They Were Rescued And All Adopted To Good Homes

Image credits: ‎Carlin Christy‎

#72 I Know It’s Gonna Be A Good Day When I Wake Up To The Neighborhood Kitty Outside My House

Image credits: Avery Pearl-Frank‎

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