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Uncle Refuses To Eat A Meal Without Meat At His Vegan Niece’s Wedding, Stirs Up Family Drama

Uncle Refuses To Eat A Meal Without Meat At His Vegan Niece’s Wedding, Stirs Up Family Drama
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As if planning a wedding wasn’t hard enough, preparing a dinner menu to fit all tastes and dietary requirements can be a daunting task. This is what happened to one Reddit user, a vegan and a bride-to-be, who has been arranging the catering for her wedding celebration.

“When we sent out invitations, we added a note saying that the food will be vegan,” the woman wrote in a post on the AITA subreddit. However, her uncle was less than impressed with the vegan food and made it clear that for cultural reasons, he simply can’t go without meat.

The family drama escalated and the bride is asking people whether it was the right thing to do to not provide a meat meal for her stubborn uncle. Have an opinion to share? Hit us in the comment section below!

A vegan bride-to-be has organized a food catering for her wedding celebration, but her uncle refused to eat a vegan meal because of “cultural reasons”

Image credits: Ella Olsson (not the actual photo)

The bride said “cultural reasons” were not a dietary requirement and that the newlyweds wouldn’t change the menu because of the uncle’s stubbornness

Image credits: AITAvegwedding

If you ever plan a wedding or a celebration where you’re in charge of the food catering, dietary requirements are something to be looked at with extreme caution. Among the most common dietary requirement are food allergies and food intolerance or sensitivity.

The former happens when the body’s immune system reacts unusually to specific foods. Although allergic reactions are often mild, they can be very serious. Meanwhile, food intolerance usually has to do with difficulty digesting certain foods and having an unpleasant physical reaction to them.

Coeliac disease is another common digestive condition that affects people whose small intestines get inflamed and are no longer able to absorb all the nutritious elements. It may be caused by an adverse reaction to gluten, which is a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye.

Other dietary requirements include veganism, vegetarianism, and pescetarianism. Religious-based dietary options are kosher food, which is a type of food that adheres to Jewish law, as defined in the Torah, and halal, food that adheres to Islamic law, as defined in the Koran.

And this is what people had to comment on the whole situation

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