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Local Ice Cream Shop Puts Up Hilarious Signs To Amuse Their Clients And They Go Viral Worldwide

Local Ice Cream Shop Puts Up Hilarious Signs To Amuse Their Clients And They Go Viral Worldwide
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B&G Milkyway is an ice cream shop chain in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. It has 8 locations and they’re locally owned by people active in the community. But thanks to one guy, the whole world knows about it now.

Reddit user SoDakZak builds homes in the area. And whenever he drives by B&G Milkyway, it always has a sign to make his day. “I loved reading their funny quips or puns or shower thoughts and decided to start taking pictures of them when I stopped there for a walking taco for my lunch breaks or when my wife and I decide to grab our favorite Avalanche for an evening date!” SoDakZak told We.

Eventually, SoDakZak started sharing the pictures on Reddit, and people on the platform absolutely loved them, upvoting his posts tens of thousands of times. After doing some digging online, we unearthed some pictures from other folks too.


Image credits: SoDakZak


SoDakZak said the idea to share these amusing pictures on Reddit came from his love for the platform. “It definitely gave me a little more sense of community in subs like r/SiouxFalls, r/funny, and r/PictureGame during the pandemic.”

“When I started posting [these pictures] to r/funny, the first one immediately took off. I’ve had a few dozen posts go viral before but it was fun to see something local,” the Redditor explained. “At the time, I enjoyed the comments and was surprised at the number of people who had been to a B&G Milkyway before!”


Image credits: SoDakZak


Image credits: jc_boice


A few days later, something else surprised the guy. He got a text from a friend who lives near the B&G Milkyway. It said: “Hey Zak, is your username SoDakZak on Reddit?” He gave a positive reply. The friend’s next message was: “I think you should swing by B&G quickly…”

“I hopped in my truck and drove over there,” SoDakZak said. “They shouted me out!”

Somehow the ice cream shop must’ve learned about their new fame online, and they put up a sign to personally thank SoDakZak. “That had to be the most wholesome exciting thing to happen to me during the pandemic, and from there I told myself that I would try to continue supporting the business at minimum once per sign change,” he said. “I kept posting and people on Reddit continued to enjoy their jokes and puns. I don’t really have a plan on stopping, it’s really not an inconvenience to me since I work across the street for the foreseeable future, building homes for people in our family business.”


Image credits: SoDakZak



Image credits: SoDakZak

The construction worker from South Dakota said the owners of B&G Milkyway (who he connected with through Facebook) are a young couple. He doesn’t know that much about them but from what he knows, the couple took a risk in opening this particular shop after they just had a newborn, and SoDakZak couldn’t be happier for them with the success they’ve seen.

“There’s a line around the corner every night and every lunchtime. And it’s not even baseball season yet (the shop is next to a huge park of ball fields where people frequently walk over in droves between or after games)!”


Image credits: SoDakZak


Image credits: walterrunwild

“2020 and 2021 may have had their downer moments but for me and this local ice cream shop, the connection and viral moments added just a little bit of sweetness to our days,” SoDakZak added. “Well, even sweeter than their Mint Bon Bon avalanche.”

According to the history books, the Milkyway first opened in 1954. It’s an old-fashioned drive-in and the original restaurant is actually still in operation today. Even though it has expanded and become a chain, it’s obvious B&G Milkyway hasn’t lost its magic.





Image credits: christador


Image credits: SoDakZak


Image credits: SoDakZak





Image credits: daymanahaha


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