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Teen Moves Into A Retirement Community By Accident And Loves It

Teen Moves Into A Retirement Community By Accident And Loves It
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Moving can be a really stressful experience. You need to think about so many things, like location, the size of the place, the rent price, the bills, the neighborhood, etc. It is especially tricky if you’re moving far away and you’re not able to see the place in real life before moving in. There are so many things you may not notice just looking at the pictures and the description provided by the owner.

TikToker Madison Kohout has found herself in this exact situation. She was moving from Oklahoma to Arkansas and she signed the lease before viewing the property. When she arrived, everything seemed normal, but after a week, she realized that she was living in a retirement community.

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TikToker Madison Kohout was moving to another state and only realized she’d moved to a retirement community after she got there

Image credits: Madi Ann

This is not a joke. Madison is a 19-year-old girl from Norman, Oklahoma. She met a lady whose name is Gloria Crittenden over TikTok and became a big fan. They were talking for a year and got to know each other, so well, in fact, that Madison started calling Gloria her mom. Madison became a part of Gloria’s family as she didn’t have one of her own and decided to move to Arkansas.

Image credits: Madi Ann

Her mom found the apartment and Madison loved it, so she quickly decided to take the offer and packed her things to move

Image credits: Madi Ann

She’d started searching for an apartment when her mom texted her saying that she’d found the perfect place. The TikToker didn’t wait, packed her belongings, and was on her way. The apartment was great and Madison loved it, but it took her a week to notice a sign saying that she was now living in a retirement facility.

Madison told Newsweek that the first week was very busy with settling in and searching for a job, though she noticed that her neighbors were quite a bit older than her. Only when she saw the sign did it click and everything made sense.

Image credits: Madi Ann

Madison actually loves her apartment and her nice neighbors, and she has already befriended a lot of them

Image credits: Madi Ann

Madison snapped up the offer quickly because it was a two-bedroom apartment for $350 a month. She told Insider that “It was super spacious and felt like home.”

Madison loves her apartment and her neighbors. She shared some fun things about living with seniors. Firstly, it’s always quiet and she can be the loud one and listen to music all she wants, because most of the neighbors can’t hear anyway.

Image credits: Madi Ann

She is also always in the loop of all the gossip that’s going around. But the sweetest thing is that the people living there are very nice and after a long day, everyone cares how she is doing.

Not only that, but she has also befriended a lot of her neighbors and they eat dinner together, give her snacks, and have long conversations. So this mistake of not really knowing where she was moving was actually a blessing in disguise.

She sees only good things about living in an apartment meant for seniors, like the peacefulness

Image credits: Madi Ann

Image credits: Madi Ann

Madison plans to stay there in the near future and doesn’t regret her decision

Image credits: Madi Ann

People were curious how a 19-year-old was allowed to move into a retirement community. Madison explained to Newsweek that the apartments are primarily designed for seniors, but they don’t discriminate based on age. However, it seems that she is the only teenager there. But it doesn’t bother her and Madison says that she isn’t planning moving out of there any time soon.

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Video credits: Madi Ann

Her first video got 3.5 M views so Madison continued documenting her life in the neighborhood. Overall, the response to the video was very positive and people in the comments were amazed at the luck of this girl, because they imagined that it would be so nice living in such a community.

People in the comments agreed that Madison was lucky even though she didn’t know at first where she was actually moving

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