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The OCD Recovery Project continues helping sufferers identify and recover from OCD

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The OCD Test has rebranded to The OCD Recovery Project while providing new industry-leading OCD test COSTA MESA, Calif. – Jan. 15, 2022 – — One in 40 adults and one in 100 children in the USA suffer from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. A lot of these people are unaware that they are suffering from the disorder and the type of OCD they suffer from.This is typically because OCD is generally displayed in our media as being a condition of washing hands, cleaning, or checking door locks. Unfortunately, those are only two of the many types of OCD.As a result of the lack of awareness and media portrayal of ‘typical OCD’, most people do not know about these other types of OCD. In light of this, The OCD Recovery Project has come up with an innovative, one-of-a-kind “Type of OCD Test” that enables those suffering from the condition to quickly identify the subtype of OCD they are suffering from.In an exclusive interview, Bradley shared that he has launched The OCD Recovery Project with the mission to help people gain clarity about their specific OCD type, as well as, support them with education and understanding how to End the OCD Cycle. According to the website, their Types of OCD Test includes 38 types of OCD disorders have been identified. These are: Checking OCDContamination OCDCounting OCDExistential / Philosophical OCDFood / Exercise OCDFortune Telling OCDHarm OCDHealth / Hypochondria OCDHit n Run OCDHomosexual OCD (HOCD)Incest OCDIntrusive Thoughts OCDJust Right OCDMagical Thinking OCDMental / Emotional Contamination OCDMindreading OCDMorality OCDNeed to Know OCDOlfactory Reference SyndromeParanoia OCDPedophilia OCD / POCDPerfectionism OCDPerinatal OCDPostpartum OCDPure O / Pure Obsessional OCDRelationship OCD / ROCDReligious OCD / ScrupulosityResponsibility OCDRumination OCDSchizophrenia / Fear of Going Crazy OCDSelf-Harm OCD / Suicidal OCDSexual Aggressive OCDSexually Orientation OCDSocial Anxiety OCDSomatic OCD / Sensorimotor OCDSuperstitious OCDSymmetry OCD / Orderliness OCDViolent OCD / Aggressive Thoughts OCD “When I created The Types of OCD Test, I set out to create the most comprehensive OCD test on the internet to truly support those suffering from the condition with quickly understanding which type(s) of OCD they are currently dealing with. Our goal in creating this test is to help them quickly identify that they are not alone, there are others suffering from the same types, and most importantly, that recovery is possible.”, stated Bradley.The OCD Recovery Project doesn’t stop supporting those suffering from OCD with just tests. Bradley has also created The OCD Recovery Formula, which he states can help clients, “end the OCD cycle.” This can be found under the Recovery section of the website.For more information, please visit https://ocdrecoveryproject.com/our-tests/

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