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RNC approves Milwaukee as 2024 convention host

RNC approves Milwaukee as 2024 convention host
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The GOP’s choice of Wisconsin puts the party’s nominating convention in a key battleground state. Former President Donald Trump won the state in 2016 but lost it to President Joe Biden in 2020 by less than a percentage point.

The Democratic National Committee also selected Milwaukee to hold its convention in 2020, though it was a mostly virtual format due to Covid-19 pandemic restrictions.

McDaniel told Fox News on the eve of the RNC’s vote that Wisconsin’s position as a bellwether state was a factor in the RNC considering it to host its presidential nominating convention.

“It is a purple state,” McDaniel told Fox. “It is exactly the voters that we are trying to bring into our party, and they have done such a great job. We’re excited not only to elect our future president out of Milwaukee as a Republican, but we’re excited to showcase a wonderful city and a wonderful state.”

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