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What’s It’s Really Like to Eat Your Way Around the Globe

Besha Rodell
Usually, these national and international lists and accolades are created by asking many chefs, journalists and food lovers to vote, resulting in a huge popularity contest (the World’s 50 Best Restaurants; the James Beard awards) or by deploying an army of unidentified inspectors who measure every place against one strict......
Food & Drink

McDonald’s to Test Plant-Based Burgers in Canada

David Yaffe-Bellany
McDonald’s will offer a plant-based burger made by Beyond Meat at some of its locations in Canada, the fast-food giant said on Thursday, marking the company’s first foray into the growing market for meat alternatives in North America. For now, however, the rollout of the “P.L.T.” — plant, lettuce and......
Food & Drink

Now Rising to the Top of the Beer World: Foam

Joshua M. Bernstein
A lack of foam is less of an issue for mainstream American lagers, which have few nose-worthy aromas. But many modern craft beers emphasize pungent scents and taste. The right combination of ingredients, alcohol level, equipment and serving style can produce an impressive, fragrant head. Glassware has long been a......

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