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Mom Shares Her Daughter’s Unique Birthmark, Gathering 300k Followers Supporting Their Journey

From lucky charms to signs of trade in a former lifetime, birthmarks have been surrounded by lore and stories for centuries. It’s truly a fun token in most cases to be born with one and watch it develop over time, a symbol that’s uniquely yours to keep. However, sometimes, these......

73 People Are Sharing The Best, Worst, And Most Excruciatingly Stupid Lies They’ve Ever Been Busted With

If you have ever been caught red-handed in a lie, you know how severely embarrassing it can be. Whether it was an innocent fib or full-blown deceit, your mind inevitably starts racing, thinking of all the ways to save your reputation. Luckily for us, though, these stories are hilariously entertaining.......

“$400 Flight”: Bridesmaid Complains About Bachelorette Party Costs, Sparks Conversation About How Expensive Being In Weddings Is

Being asked to be part of a wedding can be super exciting. One of your closest friends is preparing to spend the rest of their life with someone they love, and you get to be part of the celebration. The only problem with agreeing to be in a wedding party......

“Keeping The Class War Classy”: 73 Posts And Memes From “The Other 98%” Facebook Page With A Whopping 6.7M Followers

The Other 98% is almost all of us. This is the idea behind the activist organization that uses their internet presence to fight for things like increasing minimum wage and opposing favorable tax treatment for large corporations. Originally founded by left-of-center activists John Sellers and Andrew Boyd in 2010, it......

Wife Is Baffled When Husband Chooses To Eat Female Coworker’s Food Instead Of The Dinner She’s Made

Being in a serious relationship is not just getting to know each other really well, like revealing the name of your childhood pet or what you hated about college. It’s about connecting on a deep personal level, aligning your life goals, and driving your partner, helping them to chase their......

‘Dogspotting’ Is A Group Where People Share Their Pure and Hilarious Encounters with Random Dogs (New 104 Pics)

Mega floofs, teeny tiny puppers, and elegant hounds are just the tip of the iceberg of the amazing photos we have in store for you today, Pandas. Once again, we’re featuring the very best pics of dogs that get shared on the massively popular Dogspotting Facebook page. A group of......

“They Both Looked At Me With Disgust”: Delusional Neighbor Keyed Author’s Car Over Erotic Books, So She Called The Police

Having good relationships with your neighbors sounds like a blessing, doesn’t it? Ideally, you have friendly chitchats with them, host cookouts in your backyard, and trust them enough to look after your valuables while enjoying a well-deserved break. But the reality is far more complex, and many of us have......

Inspirational Letter By Kurt Vonnegut, Sent To Students In 2006, Goes Viral On Twitter With Nearly 170k Likes

Hello, pandas. Welcome to another article. It’s full of words in the beginning and pictures at the end. It’s circuitous and eloquent and portentous. At the outside, pandas, you’ve got about 10 minutes here. There’s only one rule that I know of, pandas – “God damn it, you’ve got to......

Woman With A Disability Is Appalled At GrubHub Driver Who Left Food Delivery Out Of Her Reach As Payback For Receiving Over 25% Tip

We have long heard about the baffling tipping culture in the United States. All across the country, you’re expected to leave a tip, and a generous one, regardless of the service. It’s a large portion of income for many employees, so they often rely on their customers’ generosity. Unfortunately, when......

People Are Sharing Impulse Buys Under $30 That Were Worth Every Single Penny In This Viral Twitter Thread (40 Answers)

We’ve all had it. A surprise madcap moment that takes you on a journey of spotting an object to adding it to your bag, to bringing it to the checkout, to paying an unforeseen amount of money, with or without a guilty pleasure in what feels like an eternity that......

40 Times People Stumbled Upon Something Hilarious On Wikipedia And It Ended Up Being Shared In This Online Group

Wikipedia is huge. As of 19 May 2022, there are 6,500,765 articles in its English version, containing over 4 billion words and 55,804,737 pages. It’s so big that no person can possibly expect to scroll through everything on their own. We need help. Someone who can sort out the good......

Funny And Quirky Comics By Hannah Hillam That Capture Her Daily Life Struggles (45 New Pics)

Hannah Hillam is a San Francisco-based illustrator who creates funny and quirky comics inspired by her mood and observations of the world around her. She touches on topics such as parenthood, artistic creativity, cat-raising and more that pretty much capture what her life is all about at the moment. In......

Maid Of Honor With A Scar On Her Face Asks If She’s Right To Skip The Wedding After Bride Bans Makeup Just For Her

When you take on the responsibility of being in a wedding party, you can expect to agree to things you might not be thrilled about. Bridesmaids are often stuck wearing awful dresses, and funding bachelor and bachelorette parties can be a serious expense. But we go along with whatever the......

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