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New York Times – Food and Drink

New York Times Food and Drink

New York Times - Food and Drink

The Era of Fast-Food Toys Begins to Melt Away

David Yaffe-Bellany
In the climactic scene of “Toy Story 3,” Woody, Buzz Lightyear and the rest of the crew narrowly escape death when a remote-controlled claw lifts them from an incinerator just before flames engulf them. Now Burger King is set to enact an alternative ending — collecting, sorting and chopping up...
New York Times - Food and Drink

How to Throw a Romantic Greek Dinner Party

Thessaly La Force
On a recent fall evening in Red Hook, Brooklyn, the sky was shifting colors quickly, from blue-gray to violet, and then swiftly, it was dark. Assembled in the verdant courtyard of the ceramist Cassandra MacLeod’s studio were the friends of the chef Mina Stone, who last week opened her Mediterranean-inspired...
New York Times - Food and Drink

The Market Line Opens in the Essex Crossing Complex

Florence Fabricant
Headliner The Market Line The options for something to eat in the Essex Crossing complex are about to grow considerably with the opening of the Market Line, a culinary collection beneath the recently opened Essex Market. Three broad staircases (and two elevators) lead to a grid of wide aisles lined...
New York Times - Food and Drink

The Heart of Thanksgiving – The New York Times

Alexa Weibel
Every November, celery performs countless tasks: It perfumes the holiday turkey, lending moisture from the inside out; it’s the backbone of the stock in gravy; it adds bite and vegetal flavor to stuffing. But rarely does this tireless Thanksgiving staple get any thanks. “It’s hard to make it the center...
New York Times - Food and Drink

An Art Show for Food Lovers

Florence Fabricant
Artists have illustrated food and drink throughout the ages. An exhibition, “What’s for Dinner? A Brief History of Food in Art,” surveys 20th-century interpretations by more than 30 artists. It includes works by Édouard Vuillard, Georges Braque, Kazimir Malevich, Arman, Robert Indiana, Louise Nevelson and Anh Duong. “What’s for Dinner?...
New York Times - Food and Drink

The Best Roast Potatoes Manage to Get Even Better

J. Kenji López-Alt
There are thoughts that roll around inside a professional recipe writer’s head on a seasonal cycle: “How many more words can one write about hamburgers?” “Can we just agree that spatchcocking is the best way to roast a turkey?” “Doesn’t everyone in the world know how to boil an egg...
New York Times - Food and Drink

Shopping for Cutting Boards – The New York Times

Tim McKeough
Cutting boards are the workhorses of the kitchen. But they’re equally at home in the dining room or living room, as casual serving platters. “Boards are just so beautiful and easy,” said Shelly Westerhausen, the author of the cutting-board-focused cookbook Platters and Boards (Chronicle Books) and the founder of the...

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