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Are you a fan of Break’n News?  Do you love learning about new tips and ideas or find yourself smiling as you read the uplifting stories and experiences on Break’n News?  Well, if so, we’d love for you to contribute to our site. We are constantly looking for great contributors to share their experiences and ideas with others on our site.

What type of stories are right for Break’n News?

Our community is full of extremely busy individuals who are always looking for ideas and tips to make things in their lives a little easier. We also love to showcase interesting perspectives and diverse points of view in areas that you are passionate about. Our goal is to provide honest, truthful, and accurate stories.

What isn’t right for
Break’n News ?

Breakn.News is all about positivity and helping make people’s lives a little easier. There is already enough negative news and bad things in the world, and we want to focus on the positive stories and things to really help the community.

What type of person would be perfect?

Our goal is to have a diverse group of experienced contributors from all walks of life. We are looking for funny, honest, creative people who have a passion for a topic and want to share their stories and ideas with others. The ideal contributor has previous writing and digital media experience.

Perfect, so what are the next steps?

  • Send us an email at contribute1@breakn.news with your resume, a paragraph about yourself, two writing samples (published clips preferred) and any story ideas you may have.
  • If you already have a story, feel free to send it our way and we’ll be happy to review and see if its a good fit.


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