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SLS: Nasa finds cause of ‘megarocket’ test shutdown

“It must be said, and this is so important, that we have strong, bipartisan, apolitical support for the Artemis programme,” Mr Bridenstine explained, adding that he believed Nasa could come up with a range of options to take the Moon plan forward that the incoming administration could buy into. BBC......

Biden Inauguration: What will Joe Biden do first?

In a move that has already sparked alarm with his northern neighbours, Mr Biden is reportedly planning to immediately rescind the cross-border permit for the controversial Keystone XL pipeline, a planned project from the oil sands of Canada’s Alberta province, through Montana and South Dakota, to rejoin an existing pipeline......

Kamala Harris and a 1986 snapshot of that Howard generation

Kamala Harris has made clear the influence Howard University had on her career and life goals. Last week, on the anniversary of her sorority’s founding date, she posted on Instagram, paying homage to her Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, and referring to her days at Howard, attending anti-apartheid marches and being......

Kamala Harris: A beginner’s guide to the vice-president

By Holly HonderichBBC News, Washington image copyrightReuters Kamala Harris will make history when she takes the oath of office on Wednesday, becoming the first woman and first black and South Asian American to serve as US vice-president. Here’s what awaits Ms Harris in her new job. What does a vice-president......

US: China ‘committed genocide against Uighurs’

It could lead to unprecedented international pressure facing China, but would that change Beijing’s behaviour? Today’s Beijing is emboldened by the consolidation of political power, positive economic growth amid a pandemic, and to some degree, political chaos in Washington. A Chinese state media representative has quickly hit back that the......

Why is President Putin submerging himself in icy water?

19 January is a special day for Orthodox Christians across Russia, including President Vladimir Putin. It’s a day reserved for commemorating the baptism of Jesus in the River Jordan, and it’s called Epiphany. Though temperatures are as low as -20 Celsius, some celebrated this by submerging themselves in ice-cold water.......

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