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A bunch of MIT students got $100 of free bitcoin in 2014 – some got rich, some wasted it on sushi

CNBC – For more and to sign up click here Dan Elitzer and Jeremy Rubin rolled out the “MIT Bitcoin Project” in 2014. Christopher A. Maynor Jeremy Rubin was a sophomore studying computer science and electrical engineering when he decided that he wanted to give every undergraduate student at the......

Secretary Lonnie Bunch on Why the Smithsonian Is Talking About Race

Soon after the National Museum of African American History and Culture opened, I witnessed a powerful exchange. At the casket of Emmett Till, two families of different races met and struck up a conversation. Working together, both sets of parents helped to explain to their children the meaning of his......

There are a bunch of hidden menus on your iPhone: Here’s how to use them

CNBC – For more and to sign up click here Apple adds more functions to the iPhone every year, but the more it can do, the more complicated it gets. If you recently got a new iPhone after sitting out several generations — or maybe just don’t fiddle around with......

Mandy Moore Reveals She “Lost a Bunch of Weight” After Getting “Super Sick” Early in Pregnancy – E! Online

Mandy Moore is opening up about the early stages of her pregnancy. The 36-year-old actress, who is expecting her first child with husband Taylor Goldsmith, explained why the first few… E! Online – For more and to sign up click here To Return to the Main Aggregate News Page –......

Secretary Lonnie Bunch: It Is Time for America to Confront Its Tortured Racial Past

Like many Americans, watching multiple incidents of deadly violence against black people unfold before our eyes has left us feeling demoralized and distraught, aghast, and angry. Not only have we been forced to grapple with the impact of a global pandemic, we have been forced to confront the reality that,......

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