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This Elusive Creature Wasn’t Seen for Nearly 30 Years. Then It Appeared on Camera.

The illegal wildlife trade in Vietnam has depleted some forests so drastically that scientists call the result “empty forest syndrome,” where almost nothing sings or crawls or rustles the branches. “There’s a beautiful, vibrant tropical forest around you, but no animals in it,” said Andrew Tilker, a scientist with Global...
Cleveland Scene

Cleveland Installing Cameras and LED Streetlights to Illuminate Crime in City ‘Hotspots’

click to enlarge Photo via WikimediaCommons On Monday, Mayor Frank Jackson announced that Cleveland would begin the process of installing 61,000 energy-efficient LED lights and 1,000 high-definition cameras throughout the city. Part of the city’s ‘Safe Smart CLE’ program, this $35 million project aims to reduce crime across the board while improving...

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