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As GOP states cut jobless aid early, one mom faces tough choices:

CBS News
CBS News – For more and to sign up click here Some 22 states around the country are planning to cut off enhanced jobless benefits by the end of June, arguing that the extra $300 per week in federal aid is deterring people from returning to work. But some unemployed workers......

Virginia G.O.P.’s Choices for Governor: ‘Trumpy, Trumpier, Trumpiest’

New York Times
In response to the Dominion question, Mr. Youngkin said, “Ladies and gentlemen, this is the most important issue we’re going to talk about right now.” He laid out “five steps to restore our trust” in elections. A former co-chief executive of the Carlyle Group, Mr. Youngkin has spent at least......

Sports nutrition formulators focus on flavor choices

KANSAS CITY — With the sports nutrition category pushing further into the mainstream, formulators are putting a greater focus on flavor choices to deliver a competitive edge. Sports nutrition products traditionally have been sold largely on efficacy, with taste often a secondary consideration. While health aspects and cost remain the......

Report: 49ers Trim No. 3 Choices to Mac Jones, Trey Lance

Sports Illustrated
http://www.si.com/.image/c_limit%2Ccs_srgb%2Cfl_progressive%2Ch_1200%2Cq_auto:good%2Cw_1200/MTgwNTgxODk0ODYwMDU1OTEy/mac-jones.jpg Nick Selbe When the 49ers traded up to the No. 3 pick in the 2021 NFL draft, it became a near certainty that they would take a quarterback with their selection—the only question was which one they’d settle on. It seems the field has narrowed, and a certain Ohio......

Prince Philip and Prince Charles’ Complicated Relationship: Honor, Loyalty and Tangling Over Life Choices – E! Online

What are dads for, if not to advise their sons on how to get their jollies without embarrassing the family? Prince Philip had those words of wisdom for his son, Prince Charles, when the… E! Online – For more and to sign up click here To Return to the Main......

Biden’s Climate Plan Still Means Tough Choices: Which Homes Get Saved?

While Mr. Trump was president, that idea continued to gain momentum after a series of devastating hurricanes. Agencies that help communities rebuild after disasters began pushing harder for what they called “large-scale migration or relocation,” through buying and demolishing vulnerable homes. The Army Corps of Engineers even began telling local......

Access, Influence and Pardons: How a Set of Allies Shaped Trump’s Choices

New York Times
WASHINGTON — One hacked the computers of business rivals. One bribed doctors to win referrals for his nursing homes. Another fled the country while he was on trial for his role in a fraud that siphoned $450 million from an insurance company, leading to its collapse. Still another ran a......

2021 women’s basketball bracket: Tough choices in a difficult year

7:47 PM ET Charlie CremeESPN.com Close Charlie Creme projects the women’s NCAA tournament bracket for ESPN.com. After maneuvering through the most challenging season in women’s college basketball history, Selection Monday arrived with a collective thanks that a 2021 women’s NCAA tournament is on the horizon. COVID-19 presented its challenges to......

Government abuses would stay hidden but for whistleblowers’ moral choices

USA Today
USA TODAY – For more and to sign up click here USA TODAY Sometimes government wrongdoing is on full display. We all witnessed the thousands of aggrieved supporters of then-President Donald Trump supporters, amped up on government-issued lies and rhetoric, hold the Capitol Building and Congress captive while millions of......

Trump Senate impeachment trial forces hard choices on both parties

USA Today
USA TODAY – For more and to sign up click here USA TODAY Gregory B. Craig When it came to drafting the rules for conducting former President Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial, an outbreak of collegiality apparently occurred in the Senate. All the parties, including the House managers and Trump’s legal team, came to easy agreement on the procedural......

The choices of fans have public health implications.

New York Times
Ken Belson Common sense dictates that bringing together 25,000 people during a pandemic could lead to more coronavirus infections, and the Super Bowl in Tampa, Fla., is no exception. But trying to pin down how many infections could stem from this event has frustrated scientists because contact tracing is often......

U.K. Virus Surge Surpasses Spring Peak as Lockdown Choices Loom

New York Times
New York Times – For more and to sign up click here LONDON — About half of England is under the nation’s strictest lockdown measures, and people have been ordered to stay at home, but the coronavirus is still spreading at an alarming rate. Hospitals are treating more patients than......

Pregnancy choices should be personal, not environmental

USA Today
USA TODAY – For more and to sign up click here USA TODAY Dr. Neelu Tummala The COVID-19 pandemic has raised concerns about whether public health agencies should advise women to postpone pregnancy because of potential virus-related risks. Not surprisingly, there are multiple ethical considerations to such recommendations, with reproduction ultimately......

Senate GOP warns Biden on Cabinet picks as some Democrats push for more liberal choices

USA TODAY – For more and to sign up click here What could delay deliberations further: President Donald Trump’s refusal to concede, coupled with Republicans’ reluctance to say Biden is the winner, meaning few them are ready to engage over the President-elect’s choices or hold courtesy meetings as Democrats are......

Nobel Peace Prize: A Growing List of Questionable Choices

New York Times
New York Times – For more and to sign up click here Barely into his first term as president, Mr. Obama won “for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.” But many critics, some supporters and even Mr. Obama himself questioned the choice, given that he......

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