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No Updates on Cleveland’s Lapsed Recycling Program, But Report Expected Next Month

click to enlarge Sam Allard / Scene Clevelanders dropped off bags of recycling at City Hall to express anger at the lapsing of the curbside recycling program, (5/4/20). The Frank Jackson administration provided scant information on the city’s lapsed recycling program Monday, updating an anxious Cleveland City Council about the......

Recent Covid Cases Have Transcended Cleveland’s Capacity to Count Them, But City Commits to Beef Up Staffing

click to enlarge Screenshot: TV20 Frank Jackson, (11/17/20). Since the pandemic began, the City of Cleveland has been sending out daily press releases with the latest Covid-19 case numbers and other pertinent updates about the local coronavirus response. Monday evening, the release included a shocking admission. “The City of Cleveland......

Video: Cleveland’s Downtown Lakefront in 1926 As Seen From the Water

Monday, November 16, 2020 Video: Cleveland’s Downtown Lakefront in 1926 As Seen From the Water Posted By Vince Grzegorek vgrzegorek@clevescene.com> on Mon, Nov 16, 2020 at 3:24 PM You think we’ve mismanaged and wasted Cleveland’s gorgeous and unique access to Lake Erie in recent years? It could always be worse,......

New Documentary Film Centers on Cleveland’s Rich R&B History

click to enlarge A local guy who’s been in the entertainment business since the 1970s, producer Dennis Crash has released The Greatest R&B Legends: Cleveland, a new documentary featuring live performances and interview with acts such as the O’Jays, Rude Boys, CASH, Levert, Men at Large, the Dazz Band and......

A Message From the Secret Cabal Sabotaging Cleveland’s School Levy

Dear Cleveland: Allow us to introduce ourselves. We’re the secret cabal trying to sabotage the school levy. Think of us as just your everyday, anonymous citizens who only want what’s best for the city. As everyone knows, guys who hide their identifies can always be trusted. You may have heard......

Jake Kelly’s Latest Comic, “Shadows Will Fall,” Digs Into Cleveland’s Past With the Stories of Fred ‘Ahmed’ Evans and Marlene Steele

click to enlarge The second installment of Jake Kelly’s “Death, Destruction, Vice & Sleaze” series, “Shadows Will Fall,” is now available for preorder. The series takes the depravity of Cleveland true crime history and retells it through the art of comics in a way that only Kelly can. “If you......

Cleveland’s Jenna Fournier to Represent Ohio at Upcoming All Souls to the Polls Concert

Courtesy of 50-50 Concert A coalition of the nation’s top arts presenters have joined forces to create an upcoming concert to encourage voting in the upcoming election. More than 100 artists, public speakers and grassroots activists will participate in two nights of performances and inspirational messages that include at least......

Cleveland’s Fifth District Cops, Who Patrol Predominantly Black Neighborhoods, Draw Their Guns Twice as Often as Citywide Average

click to enlarge Since the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, a wave of protests, including the one in Cleveland, have taken aim at police use of force on Black residents. In Cleveland, there have been only a handful of fatal police shootings since the death of 12-year-old Tamir Rice......

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