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Person ‘Collects’ Absurd 911 Phone Calls, Starts Animating The Best Ones

When it comes to asking for help, most of us have a pretty clear definition of an emergency. Some people, however, think that having a beef with a fast food restaurant manager can only be settled by a police officer. A TikTok user who goes by the nickname Sock Puppet......

This Online Community Collects Examples Of Texts Taking Unexpected Turns, And Here Are 95 Of The Best Ones

At some points in life, you might think that nothing can surprise you. Everything’s rote. Boring. Even… meh. But that can end in a heartbeat when you accidentally come across a piece of text that starts out fine, but takes an unexpected watermelon, and makes you do a double-banana. Errr we......

This Online Community Collects The Worst Work Safety Examples That No Construction Worker Should Follow (120 Pics)

Occupational Safety isn’t a joke. If you’re fixing an AC compressor on the ledge of the 28th floor with no harness, you’re just inviting trouble over, and risking not only your life but ending up on the r/OSHA subreddit as well. This online community is made up of 725,000 members......

This Instagram Page Collects Incredible Examples Of Modern Design, And Here Are 99 Of The Very Best Ones

Your home is your castle. But your castle doesn’t have to have chilly corridors, flickering torches, crumbling walls, and chain-clanking ghosts. It can be comfortable and cozy. It can look great and inviting. It can look, well, like a home. However, interior design isn’t something that everyone’s great at. Sometimes,......

There’s An Online Page That Collects Bad Amazon Movie Reviews And Here’s 30 Of The Funniest Ones

We live in the age of reviews. Both blessed and cursed, they do help us in making our minds up whether to buy something on the internet. There’s also nothing more powerful than leaving a review for an Uber driver, a restaurant on Yelp, or a shop on eBay. But......

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