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New York Times - Politics

Colorado Official Sues Postal Service Over Election Mailer She Says Misleads Voters

New York Times
Colorado’s top election official filed a federal lawsuit on Saturday against the postmaster general and other Postal Service leaders, claiming that a mailer sent to voters in the state was an attempt to disenfranchise them by offering misleading information about how to vote by mail. The lawsuit, initiated by Jena......
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Snow Falls In Colorado Just 48 Hours After A Record Heatwave And It Proves Nothing Is Impossible In 2020

The weather is going crazy in Colorado. You wouldn’t think that just a couple of days could bring about such radical changes, but locals are puzzled over what an unusual 48 hours they had this week: they went from scorching heat to snow! The Colorado Climate Center states that a......

Crazy Weather in Colorado: Roasting Yesterday, Snowing Today

BOULDER, Colo. — Wait, what happened to fall? On Monday, the region around Denver was sweltering in summer heat, the scorched skies thick with haze, smoke and ash from a wildfire roaring through the dried-out forests near Rocky Mountain National Park. By Tuesday morning, there was snow on the ground,......

At least 43 million Americans are baking under record temperatures on West Coast

CBS News
CBS News – For more and to sign up click here On the West Coast, the COVID threat joins forces with deadly heat and an increase in wildfire danger. Between California, Nevada, Arizona and Colorado, at least 43 million Americans are baking under record temperatures.  California is experiencing record shattering......
CNBC - Real Estate

Palantir’s Bay Area move makes Denver the city to watch amid Silicon Valley’s exodus

CNBC Real Estate

A Champion in Accessible Design, the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Museum Opens in Colorado Springs

While COVID-19 derailed plans for the Tokyo Games this summer, Olympics fans, disappointed to miss the pomp and cirumstance of opening ceremonies, can relish in the opening of the United States Olympic & Paralympic Museum (USOPM) in Colorado Springs. The 60,000-square-foot museum—the first ever to highlight both Olympic and Paralympic......

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