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Mel Brooks on the love of his life, Anne Bancroft, and comedy that’s not PC

CBS News
Leave it to Mel Brooks to start HIS interview with a question. “I don’t get paid for this, do I?” he laughed. “I’m just curious, you know? I’m used to getting paid!” For the record, Brooks did not get paid. But he still delivered the comedy, just as he’s been...

Monique Netflix deal: Lawsuit alleges Netflix discriminated with “lowball offer”

CBS News
Netflix made a “lowball offer” to comedian Mo’Nique that was millions of dollars lower than compensation the streaming service has offered other comics of her pedigree, lawyers for the actress claim in a lawsuit filed this week.  The lawsuit comes one year after the former star of “The Parkers” called...
Cleveland Scene

There Is Now a Third ‘Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Video’

click to enlarge It turns out that the same trends on display at your local cineplex — that there are no original ideas, that trilogies reign, that companies will mine nostalgia and reboot franchises when presented with the option — is also true of local comedic video stylings. Following last...

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