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Artist Who Illustrates Everyday Life With His Wife Announces They’re Having Another Baby, Shares Their Parenting Struggles In 32 Comics

I don’t know about you but to me, it seems that Yehuda Devir and his wife Maya have just announced they’re having their first child. But it was two years ago! Not only that, the couple revealed that “mommy got a bun in the oven” again in October! Yehuda and......

Dad Creates Honest Comics About The World And Kindness (30 Pics)

I don’t have kids. And while I can understand what parents go through when raising their children (I think), I can’t really relate to them. Unless I’m reading Chris Grady’s comics. For years, Grady has been drawing his experiences as a dad-of-two and sharing them through a project called Lunarbaboon.......

81 Absurd And Lighthearted Comics By This Russian Artist

Stan Korabelnikov, the creative mind behind ‘Proidemtes’ comics, invites everyone to his Instagram feed with the opening line: “Sometimes it’s funny here,” and you won’t be disappointed if you are in for a splash of lighthearted humor that will brighten your day. The artist expresses his random ideas and thoughts......

8 New Hilariously Adorable Comics About Pixie And Brutus To Instantly Make Your Day

Remember Ben Hed, the cartoonist who showed us funny comics about what would happen if humans flirted like animals? He’s created another fantastic cute drawing series we believe you have to see. It’s about the most unlikely animal friendship between a tiny kitty cat and a large German shepherd dog getting......

These Comics By A Legendary Cartoonist Might Make Your Day (50 Pics)

Mark Parisi is a 59-year-old cartoonist born in New England, and is the creator of his own comic series called “Off the Mark.” His comics revolve around good-hearted humor, visual gags, and jokes that stem from witty observations. In these dark times, where everything may offend everyone, the comics provide......

Artist Adds Twisted Endings To His Seemingly Innocent Comics (40 New Pics)

It’s an experience to read Ben Zaehringer’s comics, as they don’t end as you expect them to. The comic artist’s narratives start in a cliche-like manner, and end in something unfathomably dark, twisted, and, honestly, hilarious. It’s safe to say that Ben is a master of this type of comic......

Artist Makes Comics About Everyday Life With His Cat (62 Pics)

Nick Filippou’s simple but accurate comics are about his life with his cat Minnie and their day-to-day interactions. Those who own a cat already know what pleasure felines bring to their lives. But there’s no harm in reminding everyone. And for those of you who don’t know, now you may......

Carol and John’s Annual Holiday Art Show Combines the Pandemic and Comics to Benefit the Cleveland Food Bank

Wednesday, December 16, 2020 Carol and John’s Annual Holiday Art Show Combines the Pandemic and Comics to Benefit the Cleveland Food Bank Posted By Vince Grzegorek vgrzegorek@clevescene.com> on Wed, Dec 16, 2020 at 12:01 PM click to enlarge For its 8th annual holiday art show, Carol and John’s Comic Book......

Frontline health care workers honored as superheroes in new project from Marvel Comics

CBS News
CBS News – For more and to sign up click here Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, health care workers have been in the spotlight, described as modern-day “superheroes,” bravely facing the coronavirus on the front lines. First on “CBS This Morning,” Vladimir Duthiers reports on how Marvel is giving them the......

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