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The Curious Logic Behind Real Madrid’s Reappointment of Ancelotti

Sports Illustrated
http://www.si.com/.image/c_limit%2Ccs_srgb%2Cfl_progressive%2Ch_1200%2Cq_auto:good%2Cw_1200/MTgxNDQ5ODA4OTY2MzI5NDQ3/ancelotti-real-madrid-return.jpg Jonathan Wilson “Why did you sack Carlo Ancelotti?” Real Madrid president Florentino Pérez was asked upon firing the Italian manager six years ago. “I don’t know,” he replied, which seemed to say as much as anything ever has about his way of running the club—and in many ways can......

From Books Bound in Human Skin to Occult Texts, These Are Literature’s Most Macabre, Surprising and Curious Creations

SMITHSONIANMAG.COM | April 6, 2021, 8 a.m. Louis Renard, an 18th-century book publisher who moonlighted as a British spy, had a somewhat tenuous relationship with the truth. As writer and rare-book collector Edward Brooke-Hitching notes in The Madman’s Library: The Strangest Books, Manuscripts and Other Literary Curiosities From History, Renard......

‘Today I Learned’: 40 Curious Things People Didn’t Learn At School (New Pics)

Today, I learned there’s a subreddit called “Today I Learned” (TIL). Just kidding, I’m not that far behind on Internet culture. In fact, I’ve already written about it here, here, and here. I just liked the way that sentence sounded. However, if you aren’t as enlightened as I am in......

Robert E. Jackson Collects Vintage Photos, And Here’s His Collection Of Weird Men’s Hairstyles

We associate men’s fashion of past centuries with class and neatness. When we look at those times, we’re used to seeing tidy facial hair, slick pomades, fancy hats, and suits. Today’s post will change the perception a little bit. Well, in terms of hair, at least. For there have always......

Jets fire DC Williams after curious blitz call

The New York Jets fired defensive coordinator Gregg Williams on Monday. The decision came on the morning after Williams called an ill-fated, all-out blitz that resulted in a 31-28 loss to the Las Vegas Raiders. The Jets named assistant head coach/inside linebackers coach Frank Bush as the interim defensive coordinator.......

Ten Curious Cases of Getting Lost in the Wilderness

People get lost all the time. Usually, these bouts of disorientation end happily enough. A hiker backtracks to find a missed trail marker, or a driver rolls down a window to ask a pedestrian for directions to a certain street or landmark. However, every so often, people get utterly lost,......

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