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Cuyahoga County Democratic party

Cleveland Scene

Cuyahoga County Dems Violated Their own Bylaws in Lakewood Endorsements

Cuyahoga County Council Cuyahoga County Dems Chair Shontel Brown Lakewood’s members of the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party Executive Committee met Saturday at the Lakewood Public Library to vote on candidate endorsements for mayor and four city council races. Scene reported Monday that mayoral candidate Sam O’Leary received the party endorsement...
Cleveland Scene

Cuyahoga County Dems Endorse Sam O’Leary for Lakewood Mayor Under Questionable Circumstances

On June 15, the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party endorsed Lakewood City Councilman Sam O’Leary in the Lakewood mayoral race. O’Leary’s council term will end in December of this year, so losing the mayoral election would also mean the loss of his elected position. In emails revealed to Scene, it appears...

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