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Scientists Use Drone Tech To Capture Striking Footage Of Colony Of 64,000 Green Sea Turtles

There is, at this point, absolutely no need to remind people that nature is pretty awesome. Pink manta rays, bioluminescence and dolphins, frozen lake waves, growing yeast—the list goes on and on. Joining this list are green sea turtles. The Queensland Government recently posted footage on its Queensland Environment Twitter......
CNBC Business

Underwater drones join hunt for trillions in mineral riches trapped on ocean’s floor

CNBC – For more and to sign up click here Engineer John Haig moves an automated underwater vehicle operated by Norwegian company Kongsberg Maritime in Scotland as part of a 2016 survey of Loch Ness. The AUV’s sleek orange torpedo takes acoustic, laser and photographic images. Jeff J Mitchell |......
Sports Illustrated - NCAA Football

Gambling Today: Will New Disinfecting Drones Expedite Return of Major Sports?

Sports Illustrated
http://www.si.com/.image/c_limit%2Ccs_srgb%2Cfl_progressive%2Ch_1200%2Cq_auto:good%2Cw_1200/MTcyODI1MDkwNTA3OTQxNjc5/usatsi_14175013.jpg Frankie Taddeo As the MLB, NHL and NBA all consider a return to action, a New York-based company is offering a solution to keep their stadiums and arena germ-free by spraying disinfectant from drones. A Syracuse startup called EagleHawk announced that it has developed a drone that can assist......

The Drones Were Ready for This Moment

New York Times
New Yorkers strolling along the East River early last month glanced up to see an unsettling sight: a mysterious drone claiming to represent something called the “Anti-Covid-19 Volunteer Drone Task Force” barking orders to pedestrians below to maintain social distancing. “Please maintain a social distance of at least six feet,”......

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