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Prince Philip: The Queen says his death has ‘left a huge void’ – Duke of York

The archbishop, who is expected to lead the duke’s funeral service at Windsor Castle on Saturday, said Prince Philip showed “a remarkable willingness to take the hand he was dealt in life and straightforwardly to follow its call, to search its meaning, to go out and on as sent to......

Prince Philip: The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award ‘saved me from jail’

Without the award, James says he’d “probably be in jail”. At the age of 15, James and his friend Nathan, then 16, had had more run-ins with the police than they care to remember. As bored mates growing up in Darlington, north-east England, they felt they had “nothing else to......

Duke Legend Nolan Smith: ‘Cameron Indoor Stadium With No Fans Wasn’t Basketball’

Sports Illustrated
Last Sunday, after the Pelicans knocked off the Clippers, 135–115, Pelicans All-Star Zion Williamson was asked who he thought would win the NCAA tournament. The Duke All-America’s answer fell in line with the Duke mantra “The Brotherhood.” “If Duke ain’t in, I’m not interested,” Williamson said with a smile. Nolan......

The numbers behind Duke and Kentucky missing the 2021 NCAA tournament

2:11 PM ET Kelly CohenESPN Two NCAA tournament stalwarts will be skipping the dance this year. For the first time since 1976, neither Duke nor Kentucky are part of the tournament. That’s a whopping 45 years. For context, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne founded Apple and released the......

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