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February 27, 2021


Biden continues push for new coronavirus relief plan

CBS News
CBS News – For more and to sign up click here President Biden is continuing to urge Republicans to endorse his new coronavirus relief plan. Republicans, however, are concerned about $1.9 trillion price tag. Christina Ruffini reports. Source link To Return to the Main Aggregate News Page – click here...

Biden pushes $1.9 trillion stimulus to combat pandemic’s fallout

CBS News
CBS News – For more and to sign up click here President Biden is pushing a $1.9 trillion stimulus bill, arguing that it could help return children to the classroom sooner. But Republicans oppose the massive price tag, which includes $130 billion to reopen schools. Nancy Cordes reports. Source link......

Biden expected to extend the national ban on evictions through March 2021

CNBC – For more and to sign up click here (L-R) Doug Emhoff, U.S. Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, Jill Biden and President-elect Joe Biden wave as they arrive on the East Front of the U.S. Capitol for the inauguration on January 20, 2021 in Washington. Joe Raedle | Getty Images......

If landlords don’t get paid, NYC housing is headed for disaster

Post Editorial Board The ban on evictions undoubtedly helped many struggling New Yorkers these last nine months. But the state’s failure to account for landlords’ needs risks disaster. After a new survey, the Community Housing Improvement Program, a group of owners and operators overseeing more than 400,000 units of rent-regulated......

Slamming landlords leaves NYC’s housing on brink of disaster

Post Editorial Board New York’s politicians have rushed to safeguard tenants during the pandemic and lockdowns, with multiple protections against eviction and guarantees that you don’t have to pay rent — without facing the fact that cutting off landlords’ income is courting other kinds of disaster. State lawmakers just deepened......

Motel standoff ends in eviction for homeless activists

CBS News
CBS News – For more and to sign up click here Police evicted a group of 40 homeless people and housing activists from a motel in Tacoma, Washington, after they occupied it for days without paying. Activists were pushing for the city to cover the costs, but the motel owner......

Russia Election Meddling, Domestic Extremism, CDC Halts Evictions : Up First

NPR Facebook and Twitter crackdown on an online operation trying to influence the 2020 election. Also, a former top counterterrorism official from Trump’s administration talks about how white supremacy is a growing threat in America and why she felt she had to resign. And, the Centers for Disease Control and......

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