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Business of Football: How Fired Coaches’ Contracts and the End of the NFL Season Work

Sports Illustrated
http://www.si.com/.image/c_limit%2Ccs_srgb%2Cfl_progressive%2Ch_1200%2Cq_auto:good%2Cw_1200/MTg2Nzg5NDcyNTY0Njg0NDg3/mike-zimmer-coach-end-of-season.jpg Andrew Brandt The NFL regular season ended a week ago Sunday night, and with six playoff exits this weekend, 24 of the NFL’s 32 teams are on to 2022. The end comes fast Having been around the game for almost 30 years, I am still, to this day, stunned......

GM Mayock fired by Raiders after three seasons

HENDERSON, Nev. — Mike Mayock has been fired as general manager of the Las Vegas Raiders after three tumultuous seasons that produced a combined record of 25-24, the team’s first playoff appearance since 2016 (and only its second since 2002) and numerous on- and off-the-field controversies. “We have relieved Mike......

Mike Mayock fired by Raiders following playoff exit

Sports Illustrated
SI – For more and to sign up click here Nick Selbe After three seasons and no playoff wins, the Raiders have fired general manager Mike Mayock. “We have relieved Mike Mayock of his duties as General Manager of the Las Vegas Raiders,” the team said in a statement. “We thank......

Houston Texans set up coach David Culley to fail, then fired him

HOUSTON — When the Houston Texans hired David Culley, team chairman and CEO Cal McNair said the head coach’s “vision and ability to bring people together” was the reason the organization felt Culley was “our guy.” Not once in that news conference did McNair or general manager Nick Caserio speak......

David Culley fired: Texans dismiss coach after one season in Houston

Sports Illustrated
SI – For more and to sign up click here Michael Shapiro The Texans dismissed coach David Culley on Monday, according to the NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero.  Culley, 66, went 4–13 in 2021, his first year as an NFL head coach. The Texans started the season 1–0 after a win......

Why the Giants Fired Joe Judge

Sports Illustrated
In the NFL, there are smart people with legitimate processes who can defend their decision making by pointing to a previous history of success. Then, there are coaches who piggyback off the idea that everyone must have some kind of mystical process, and believe that by referencing such a thing......

Joe Judge fired: Giants dismiss head coach after two years

Sports Illustrated
When Black Monday came and went with no head coaching change by the Giants, it appeared the embattled Joe Judge’s job was safe for the time being. Now, it’s clear the franchise is ready to move on. The Giants have reportedly fired Judge after just two years on the job,......

Pokémon Go: Police fired for chasing Snorlax instead of robbers

After ignoring a radio call for back-up, “for approximately the next 20 minutes, captured [the] petitioners discussing Pokémon as they drove to different locations where the virtual creatures apparently appeared on their mobile phones”, the documents say. BBC – For more and to sign up click here...

Brian Flores fired: Miami coach was big draw for Deshaun Watson

Sports Illustrated
The Dolphins made a major decision on Monday, firing coach Brian Flores after three seasons and back-to-back winning records. ESPN cited a deteriorating relationship with starting quarterback Tua Tagovailoa as a major factor in the team’s move, but Flores’s dismissal could also impact the team’s potential pursuit of another quarterback: Deshaun Watson.......

Brian Flores fired: issues with GM, Tua Tagovailoa led to move

Sports Illustrated
The Dolphins rocked the NFL world this morning, with the surprise firing of Brian Flores after only three seasons and back-to-back winning records. According to ESPN’s Jeff Darlington, the move was made due to deteriorating relationships between Flores and two of the most important people in the franchise: general manager......

Mike Zimmer fired: Vikings coach out after eight seasons

Sports Illustrated
http://www.si.com/.image/c_limit%2Ccs_srgb%2Cfl_progressive%2Ch_1200%2Cq_auto:good%2Cw_1200/MTg2NTgzMTcxNTk1MjQ5NTAx/zimmer.jpg Andrew Gastelum The Vikings have parted ways with coach Mike Zimmer after eight seasons in charge, according to NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero. After going 72-56-1, Zimmer was fired after leading the Vikings to sub-.500 records in consecutive years. The Vikings’ defense entered the final week of the season 31st in yards......

Why the Broncos fired Vic Fangio

Sports Illustrated
SI – For more and to sign up click here Conor Orr On Sunday, the Broncos and Vic Fangio parted ways after three seasons. The 64-year-old longtime defensive coordinator failed to compile a winning record in any of his three seasons. The Broncos started this year 3–0 before struggling through......

New York AG launches investigation as video shows man went up in flames after police fired Taser

CBS News
CBS News – For more and to sign up click here Videos released by the New York attorney general’s office Friday show a man engulfed in flames after a police officer used a Taser on him. Jason Jones, 29, later died at a New York hospital. The first of two......

Boss Is Fired After The Shift Manager Proves That He Micromanages Employees And Tries To Put The Blame On Them

Nobody likes a micromanager. They poison the entire workplace. So when Redditor PugC’s new boss turned out to be one, he made their job miserable. Instead of focusing on their actual responsibilities, PugC had to write countless (and lengthy!) reports that served no purpose at all. That is until the......

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