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Taiwan president says people will never forget Tiananmen crackdown

Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen said on Friday the island’s people will never forget China’s crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrators in and around Tiananmen Square 32 years ago. “I believe for all Taiwanese who are proud of their freedom and democracy, they will never forget about this day and will firmly stick......

Forget Back Stage Passes or V.I.P. Bracelets. Vaccination Cards Are the New Ticket.

New York Times
Jennifer Steinhauer At Fort Bragg, soldiers who have gotten their coronavirus vaccines can go to a gym where no masks are required, with no limits on who can work out together. Treadmills are on and zipping, unlike those in 13 other gyms where unvaccinated troops can’t use the machines, everyone......

Forget What You Thought: Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris Are Redefining the Soccer Mom Stereotype – E! Online

You’re probably picturing it now: A suburban mom shuttling a whole pack of kids around in her minivan, reminding Molly to please eat a snack before practice and, Timmy, you can’t forget… E! Online – For more and to sign up click here To Return to the Main Aggregate News......

Forget earnings: Stocks have two big tailwinds pushing them higher

CNBC – For more and to sign up click here Traders on the NYSE, May 3, 2021. Source: NYSE It’s not just about earnings anymore: Dividends and huge inflows are helping stocks power forward. April trading data is in, and it shows two surprises: an increase in dividends, and huge......

The 1-in-1,300 draft pick the Jets would like to forget — Christian Hackenberg

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. — There were no fireworks in the New York Jets‘ war room that night. It was routine and businesslike in the moments leading up to their most controversial draft pick in recent memory. General manager Mike Maccagnan, standing by the draft board, consulted with director of player......

Forget the Serie A title: Juventus must beat Napoli to retain hopes of top-four finish

It’s not a surprise that maybe the biggest match of Juventus‘ season is taking place on the day of the Champions League quarterfinals. It is, however, a surprise that it’s a league match. With all Serie A teams already eliminated from Europe’s biggest tournament, it’s the perfect open date for......

Forget your phony laptop excuses, Hunter Biden: Devine

Miranda Devine Hunter Biden now is trying to deny that he dropped his infamous laptop off at a Delaware Mac Repair shop in 2019. “You didn’t drop off a laptop to be repaired, in Delaware?” he was asked in a softball interview Sunday on CBS, the same Democrat-aligned media conglomerate......

Forget April Fool’s Day (Please) and Join Akron In Celebrating Devo Day Instead

click image Photo by Kevin Edwards/FlickrCC Devo performing in 2012 at the Mountain Winery While some folks attempt to “celebrate” April Fool’s Day today you can opt to make better use of April 1st by celebrating Devo Day like the city of Akron. Proclaimed in an effort to whip fan......

35 Parents Share How Their Kids Casually Dropped Some Chilling Sentences That They Can’t Forget

The truth is out there. And I personally plan to get to the bottom of things with all of you Pandas at my side, no matter how spooky and supernatural everything might turn out to be. Twitter users have been sharing the eerie and downright creepy things that their kids......

Forget griping staffers, investors love Goldman Sachs’ David Solomon

Charles Gasparino David Solomon would never win a popularity contest inside Goldman Sachs. Low-level employees grouse that the chief executive makes them work around the clock through the pandemic to keep up with deal flow. White-shoe investment bankers complain that they get blasted when they miss out on business.  He......

The Hill’s Morning Report – Presented by Facebook – Forget about comity in Congress

USA TODAY – For more and to sign up click here Alexis Simendinger and Al Weaver                              Presented by Facebook     Welcome to The Hill’s Morning Report. Today is Thursday! We get you up to speed......

Forget standardized testing to help kids and teachers

USA Today
USA TODAY – For more and to sign up click here USA TODAY The U.S. Department of Education has quietly released guidance that will require states to conduct standardized testing for this school year. The decision means that all states will have to administer standardized tests for millions of students this spring.......

Conservatives must forget Trump’s election ‘truths’ and deal in facts.

USA Today
USA TODAY – For more and to sign up click here Louisville Courier Journal I read a gripping story in the New York Times the other day that contained the following passage: “The story highlights the tensions between a student’s deeply felt sense of personal truth and facts that are......

Want to Buy a Scrunchie Mask? Great. But Forget About That N95.

New York Times
“Amazon changes the rules all the time without explanation,” Mr. Atkinson said. “I realize they’re not a charity, but a small company like ours doesn’t stand a chance.” James Thomson, a former Amazon executive who is the chief strategy officer at the marketing consultancy Buy Box Experts, said the tensions......

Op-ed: Investors chasing bitcoin and Tesla should have real goals — and shouldn’t forget them

CNBC – For more and to sign up click here Westend61 | Westend61 | Getty Images I was about to offend someone, so I decided to write instead. Am I supposed to listen to one of my tennis buddies’ daughters who wants to buy a tiny share of bitcoin because......

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