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September 26, 2021


Holton-Wise to Justin Bibb: Come At Me, Bro

The Justin Bibb campaign couldn’t have scripted it any better themselves. James Wise, the brash, bearded CEO of Parma real estate firm Holton-Wise, has taken to one of his several YouTube shows to criticize the mayoral candidate in response to his “eviction notice” earlier this week. (Video above.) Bibb stood......

Justin Bibb Issues “Eviction Notice” to Predatory Lender Holton-Wise

click to enlarge Sam Allard / Scene Justin Bibb, at a Holton-Wise property on Cleveland’s west side, (7/20/21). Standing on the front porch of a dilapidated property on Cleveland’s west side, mayoral candidate Justin Bibb denounced the property management firm Holton-Wise and other companies like them that profit off the......

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