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One of suspected killers of Saudi journalist Khashoggi arrested in France

French police acted on Turkish arrest warrant Saudi Embassy says person arrested “has nothing to do with case” Police source says extradition hearing due on Wednesday PARIS, Dec 7 (Reuters) – French police on Tuesday arrested a suspected member of the hit squad that killed Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi as......

Melting Arctic Is a Bonanza for the Ocean’s Natural Born Killers

Brynn Kimber, a research scientist at the University of Washington who works in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Marine Mammal Laboratory, has spent a lot of time analyzing audio data recorded in the icy waters north of Alaska, Canada and Russia. Typically, Ms. Kimber hears the chatter of bowhead......

Arbery’s Killers Found Guilty, Food Insecure Military Families, Sudan Protests : Up First

NPR Three men found guilty of murdering Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia now face federal hate crime charges and possible life prison terms. An estimated 160,000 active military service members and their families have trouble putting food on the table. And mass protests in Sudan demand a return to full government......

North West and Friends Embrace Their Inner Goth Side as “Cereal Killers” for Halloween – E! Online

Kim Kardashian has previously made it clear that daughter North West has a goth streak in her, and so there’s no better time to celebrate it than Halloween. On Sunday, Oct. 31, Tracy… E! Online – For more and to sign up click here To Return to the Main Aggregate......

Serial killer’s victim identified after 37 years through genetic genealogy and a DNA match

CBS News
CBS News – For more and to sign up click here A woman known for 37 years only as Horseshoe Harriet, one of dozen or so victims of a notorious Alaska serial killer, has been identified through genetic genealogy and a DNA match, authorities said Friday. The victim was identified......

Killer’s misogyny started in third grade when he tried to forcibly kiss girls in his class

CBS News
CBS News – For more and to sign up click here [Previously posted on February 19] Attorney Marc Angelucci came to the door of his California home in July 2020 to sign for a package. The man holding that package opened fire, killing Angelucci at the scene. Eight days later,......

As the authorities seek the killers, some Haitians take matters into their own hands.

New York Times
New York Times – For more and to sign up click here The official manhunt for the assassins who burst into the home of Haiti’s president continued on Thursday, but as some ordinary Haitians set out to capture suspects themselves, setting afire vehicles believed to have been used in the......

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