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Cleveland APL is Full. You Can Adopt a Cat or Kitten for Cheap This Weekend.

click to enlarge Cleveland APL Full House at the Animal Protective League The Cleveland Animal Protective League (1729 Willey Ave.) has announced that it’s full up with cats and kittens. Due to the overload, it’s offering steep discounts on adoptions this weekend, (June 3 – 6). All cats five months......

The Reality Of Having A Cat That This Artist Captured In 79 Illustrations (New Pics)

Another day, another article about cats. Here we have another post about the almighty furry companions. They are everywhere. Not only do they rule your home if you happen to be owned by a cat, but they also are the kings, queens, and some would even say Gods of the......

Kitten With Small Body But Strong Will To Live Undergoes A Life-Changing Transformation That Turns It Into A Gorgeous Calico Cat

When we think of cats, most of us have these vivid images of those super cute animals that are well-taken care of and who live happy lives being spoiled and loved by their families. Usually, this association comes from the fact that most of us have either had our own......

Mother Cat Walks Into A Hospital Carrying Her Newborn Kitten In Her Mouth Seeking Medical Help

Mother knows best. Whoever she is. A cat has melted hearts after walking into a hospital carrying her kittens, seeking medical attention. So the staff rushed to help them. The best part is that someone also recorded what was happening in the hospital in the Karabaglar district in Izmir, Turkey,......

People Are Sharing Pics Of Their Cats Growing Up On “From Kitten To Cat” (35 Pics)

Even the tiniest kitten out there turns into a fully grown tiger one day. But we parents know very well that one day comes way sooner than it should. It feels like just yesterday, your furball would fit in the palm of your hand, and today he occupies the whole......

Woman Adopts A Cat That Was Ignored At The Shelter Because Of Her ‘Ugly’ Looks

The sad reality of life is that there are millions of abandoned animals on the streets. Some end up in shelters and, if they’re lucky, get adopted. Sadly, if the animal is sick, old, or doesn’t look cute and pretty, its chances of getting adopted are almost zero. However, some......

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