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New York Times - Politics

Generic Drug Maker to Admit to Fixing Prices for Cholesterol Medication

New York Times
WASHINGTON — A top generic drug maker will admit that it fixed prices of a popular cholesterol drug and agree to pay more than $24 million, as part of the Justice Department’s broad crackdown on price fixing and bid rigging in the generic drug market, according to people familiar with......
CNBC Business

Why the US is facing a hospital bed shortage

CNBC – For more and to sign up click here Hospitals in the U.S. are under siege. As the number of coronavirus patients continues to mount, medical facilities across the country have run out of health-care workers, ventilators and even hospital beds. As of April 27, about 1 million people......

‘If I don’t get medication what will happen to my body?’

Image copyright Somsara Rielly/BBC International transgender rights groups are warning global coronavirus lockdown restrictions have led to trans people being denied healthcare. Many have had surgeries delayed, and some are struggling to access hormone therapy and counselling services. Gender reassignment surgeries have been delayed globally as a result of coronavirus......

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