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New York Times - World

To ‘Protect Young Minds,’ Hong Kong Moves to Overhaul Schools

New York Times
New York Times – For more and to sign up click here Starting this fall, schools in Hong Kong will display colorful new government-issued posters declaring that “freedom comes with responsibilities.” Administrators may now call the police if anyone insults the Chinese national anthem on campus. Students as young as......
New York Post

Inside the minds of the Yankees’ now and future AL East rival

This 2020 Major League Baseball season, should it actually launch, will feature fewer games, less travel and quite possibly zero fans. More Yankees-Rays games, tho (as the kids spell it). Or at least a higher percentage of them. That would be good for baseball and, at best from a Bronx......
In the News

People Are Sharing Facts That Blew Their Minds And Here Are 62 Of The Most Interesting Ones

No matter how many all-nighters you pull devouring volume after volume of dust-laden encyclopedias, it will never be enough. Because learning is a process, and there’s no end visible on the horizon. But most of us are just fine with one or two “did you know that?” facts always ready......
New York Post

Adam Carolla Defends Jimmy Kimmel Blackface Sketches: “We’ve Lost Our Minds”

Adam Carolla is stepping up to defend his friend and former co-host Jimmy Kimmel. In an interview on Fox News’ Watters’ World over the weekend, Carolla dismissed Kimmel’s use of blackface on The Man Show, as comedy is “a context” where blackface “is fine.” The comedian added that moving forward,......
New York Times - Politics

How Trump and the Black Lives Matter Movement Changed White Voters’ Minds

New York Times
Darrell Keaton Sr., a 49-year-old black Democrat from Wausau, Wis., several hours north of Mr. Perry, said the protests after Mr. Floyd’s death were monumental for chancing views on structural racism in America. Finally, he said, it feels like white people are listening and joining in the protests. “We have......

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