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Guy Explains Why The Moon Landings Are A Hoax, And His Thread Is Better Than Any Conspiracy Theory

Global warming is fake news, Tupac is still alive, and the American military is experimenting on aliens and their spacecraft in Area 51. Poke your finger at a random object near you and chances are it’s somehow involved in a conspiracy theory. They’re that common. July 20th will mark the......

Imagining a World Where Soviets and Americans Joined Hands on the Moon | History

The game of “what-if” is a popular one when it comes to historical events. Shows such as “The Man in the High Castle” speculate on what would have happened if the Axis Powers had won World War II, but historians also study more realistic possibilities. When it comes to the......

The Best Books About the Apollo Program and Landing on the Moon | Science

Failure Is Not an Option: Mission Control From Mercury to Apollo 13 and Beyond While the astronauts flew in space, Mission Control closely monitored from the ground. Coordinating with radio stations in California, Spain and Australia to provide 24-hour communications and telemetry data during the Apollo missions, “Houston”—as the astronauts......

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