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October 25, 2021

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How Atlanta, in a Season of Obstacles, Made the World Series

New York Times
Alan Blinder ATLANTA — An October tradition that arrives without fail with every World Series is discussion of resilience and perseverance and how the teams that made it had overcome all manner of season-threatening menaces along the way. Fair enough. But even the “no one believed in us” teams of......

Daniel Jones’s Big Play Shows the Giants’ Bullheaded Approach

New York Times
The longest play on the Giants’ first touchdown drive on Sunday involved Daniel Jones and a leaping, one-handed reception. Jones, the Giants’ quarterback, did not throw the ball. He caught it. And as he caught it, cradling the high pass near the Carolina sideline, he was hit. Hard. Coming from......

Muhammad Ali Has Long Had Book and Film Appeal

New York Times
Morgan Campbell A partial list of recent Ali titles could keep a voracious reader busy. “Blood Brothers,” co-written by Smith and Randy Roberts, was published in 2016, as was “Muhammad Ali: A Memoir,” by talk show host and frequent Ali interviewer Michael Parkinson. In 2017 came Leigh Montville’s “Sting Like......

Vanessa Bryant, in Deposition, Describes Learning of Deaths of Kobe and Gianna

New York Times
Jonathan Abrams and Kevin Draper One of the most contentious issues, the subject of numerous court filings in recent days, is whether the county can conduct what are called independent medical examinations, which involve psychiatric evaluations, of each of the plaintiffs. Bryant’s lawyers argue that the examinations are “cruel” and......

Friends Row On After Teammate’s Death, Leaving One Seat Empty

New York Times
Maria Cramer They called themselves the Four Horsemen. For nearly 20 years, Charlie Hamlin, Fred Schoch, Roger Borggaard and Chuck Pieper rowed together and became friends as they dominated races at the Head of the Charles Regatta in Boston, one of the world’s premier rowing competitions. The men started rowing......

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