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Brazilian Artist Paints Water Because He Thinks It’s His Weakness, And It’s Becoming His Strength (27 Pics)

Marcos Beccari doesn’t shy away from a challenge. Instead, he runs toward it. And that’s why the Brazilian artist has gotten so good. Currently, Beccari works as an adjunct professor at the Federal University of Paraná, giving lectures on design and graphic design. In his spare time, he also does......

The Trailblazing French Artist Rosa Bonheur Is Finally Getting the Attention She Deserves

The soft sunlight of a late afternoon streams into the atelier, dapples the 20-foot-high walls, and rests on a paint-stained blue smock draped over an upholstered chair. A carved oak case contains the artist’s tools: small bottles of pigments, paint tubes, palettes, brushes. Beside it is a cushioned wooden pole......

Graffiti Artist Who Got Famous For His 3D Murals Continues Doing What He Does Best (30 New Pics)

Portuguese graffiti artist Sergio Odeith continues to wow his fans with his stunning 3D mural paintings. The 44-year-old self-taught artist has a following of over 774k followers on Instagram and nearly 330k fans on Facebook who eagerly await his newest paintings that feature everything from vehicles and giant bugs to......

Catherine the Great’s Lost Treasure, the Rise of Animal Rights and Other New Books to Read

By the end of her reign, Catherine the Great had acquired more than 4,000 paintings, 38,000 books, 10,000 engraved gems, 16,000 coins and medals, and 10,000 drawings. But as writers Gerald Easter and Mara Vorhees point out in The Tsarina’s Lost Treasure, this collection—which later formed the foundation of the......

How the U.S. Government Deployed Grandma Moses Overseas in the Cold War | At the Smithsonian

For someone who didn’t get serious about painting until her 70s, Anna Mary Robertson Moses managed a singular artistic career. She made her debut in New York City’s highly competitive art scene at the age of 80 with a 1940 gallery exhibition, “What a Farmwife Painted.” Later that year she......

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