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NYC parents learning that the adults who run the system always put children’s needs last

Post Editorial Board Parents of public-school kids are now stuck fighting both the teachers’ union and City Hall — and realizing that the adults who run the school system don’t really care about the kids. The city Department of Education can’t figure out how to make remote learning work; only......

Brady’s parents battled COVID-19, QB’s dad says

Tom Brady‘s father says both he and his wife battled COVID-19 last year, which “stressed out” the star quarterback as he was beginning his first season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Tom Brady Sr., in an interview Monday with ESPN Radio’s #Greeny, said he was hospitalized for three weeks at......

Separating parents and children was Trump’s most immoral policy choice

USA Today
USA TODAY – For more and to sign up click here USA TODAY Former President Donald Trump’s endgame was catastrophic, from strong-arming local election officials to overturn an election on false premises, to inciting a riot on sacred government ground that left several people dead, to becoming the only president......

Billie Eilish Reveals How Her Parents Put the Finishing Touches on New Rosalía Song – E! Online

Billie Eilish loves to keep it in the family. Of course, the record-breaking Grammy winner famously collaborated with her older brother Finneas O’Connell to produce her smash debut… E! Online – For more and to sign up click here To Return to the Main Aggregate News Page – click here...

Children’s Screen Time Has Soared in the Pandemic, Alarming Parents and Researchers

New York Times
New York Times – For more and to sign up click here Over all, children’s screen time had doubled by May as compared with the same period in the year prior, according to Qustodio, a company that tracks usage on tens of thousands of devices used by children, ages 4......

Miya Ponsetto Charges Addressed by Ben Crump, Al Sharpton, Parents of Alleged Victim

Play video content Live Stream Miya Ponsetto‘s insisting her attack on 14-year-old Keyon Harrold Jr. — who she falsely accused of stealing her phone — has nothing to do with race, but folks on Keyon’s side disagree … strongly. Civil Rights Attorney Ben Crump, Rev. Al Sharpton, and nonprofit org......

Starmer: Government must ‘go further’ to help parents

The Labour leader said the government was not “just incompetent but also that it has the wrong priorities” helping families over the pandemic. Sir Keir Starmer called for a “legal, enforceable and immediate right” for parents to ask for paid flexible furlough “to help them get through this lockdown”. He......

Black Southerners are wielding political power that was denied their parents and grandparents

USA TODAY – For more and to sign up click here There was one place, though, that her mother dreaded visiting: the Deep South. Her mother saw it as a forbidding land of lynch mobs and “Whites Only” signs, where Black people went missing just for trying to vote. Burton’s......

Ben Crump, Keyon Harrold, Jr.’s Parents Call Out Racial Injustices After SoHo ‘Karen’ Arrest

Play video content Exclusive TMZ.com Miya Ponsetto‘s arrest for attempted robbery — after attacking a 14-year-old boy and accusing him of stealing her phone — isn’t nearly enough, according to the child’s parents … who insist racism was involved in the incident. Keyon Harrold Jr.‘s mom and dad — Kat......

50 Times People Found Out Their Parents Were Definitely Cooler Than Them And Shared These Pics As Proof (New Pics)

Our parents weren’t always parents. Yes, I know, that sounds self-explanatory, but let that sink in. Before these people were changing our diapers, they were young, wild, and free to do whatever they desired. In many cases, their old lives were even more impressive than our current ones. Building motorcycles,......

Parents Worry About Academic Achievement and Mental Health in Pandemic-Era Schools

 GRAY, Tenn. – Jan. 5, 2021 – — As schools nationwide continue to struggle with service delivery amid the resurgence of the virus spread, parents are left wondering about the long-term effects on their children’s academic achievement and mental health. Not-for-profit research-based NWEA (formerly known as the Northwest Evaluation Association)......

This 14-Year-Old Ski Daredevil Is Already a Pro, and Trying Not to Scare His Parents

New York Times
Bill Pennington Although the sport of freeriding or freeskiing — which means skiing or snowboarding on ungroomed, usually off-piste terrain without a set course — is not currently included in the Winter Olympics, Kai has other interests and options, like college film study programs. Todd Jones joked that everything his......

Today’s parents may be shortchanging tomorrow’s kids

Post Editorial Board First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in the baby carriage. Or so the age-old kids’ song claims. Yet increasingly, that’s not the way Americans look at things — and that may spell bad news for tomorrow’s kids. In its annual Values and Beliefs report......

Artist Draws Hilarious Comics To Show What Being A Mom Is Really Like (57 Pics)

Raising children is far from a simple task—it might as well be the hardest job in the world. It has its challenges, but lots of love and laughter along the way. An architect and artist from Moldova, Inna Sacali, puts both sides of motherhood into comics in a brutally honest......

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