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In COVID-19 vaccination pivot, Canada targets frontline workers

TORONTO (Reuters) – Canada is shifting its vaccination campaign to target frontline workers, moving away from a largely age-based rollout as the country tries to get a handle on the raging third wave of the pandemic. Canada’s approach thus far has left unvaccinated many so-called “essential workers,” like daycare providers,......

Want to travel like a rock star? One celebrity RV company’s Covid pivot lets you do just that

CNBC – For more and to sign up click here The Hemphill Brothers Coach Company knows a thing or two about how celebrities live on the road. The Nashville-based RV company, run by brothers Joey and Trent Hemphill, has been building and outfitting luxury tour buses for 40 years, touting an......

Doing the pandemic pivot

CHICAGO — When Alicia Zyburt, a creative director in the hospitality channel, and her husband, Devon Owens, a chef in the Chicagoland area, had their four-month business calendar abruptly wiped clean because of the pandemic, they knew resting on their laurels was not an option. Mr. Owens started cooking extravagant......

With Amba, Chef Doug Katz Adds an Indian Pivot Perfect for These Times

click to enlarge Within moments of rolling my window back up, the interior of my car was imbued with the honeyed aromas of an Indian spice market. As my windshield fogged over with the steam of dinners future, it was all I could do to not pull over halfway home......

The next evolution of food retail: Pivot, or you’re out

CHICAGO — So much has changed in one year. And it’s still changing. As the world evolves, the food supply chain is looking to the COVID-19 retail landscape to prepare for the future. “The pace and breadth of change has been stunning and is really putting a premium on your......

Why ‘Pivot Counties’ That Stuck With Trump May Be a Warning for Democrats

New York Times
This year Mr. Trump again carried the district. In 2022, Mr. Cartwright said, a Trump-style Republican in Pennsylvania’s elections for governor and Senate could win statewide. “Much of it depends on how life is going in two years,” he said. Another region that reflected the shifts of recent elections, Saratoga......

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