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2020 Democratic polls: Pete Buttigieg rises in Iowa and New Hampshire, Biden back atop delegate hunt — CBS News Battleground Tracker

CBS News
The Democratic nomination race remains unsettled because many voters are conflicted between what they want and whether they think can win. Some candidates who generate excitement are also seen as risky. Progressive policies are popular but might be too liberal to win swing voters. And while voters say they are...

2020 Daily Trail Markers: Over four in 10 Americans say affording basic medical care is a hardship

CBS News
Most Americans think the nation’s health care system needs fundamental changes or to be completely rebuilt, and costs are what concern them most. In a new CBS News poll, Jennifer De Pinto and Fred Backus of the Election & Survey Unit say more than four in 10 are dissatisfied with their health care costs and say affording...

2020 Sunday Trail Markers: What to watch for in the Democratic debate this week

CBS News
Here’s what you need to know in politics this week… What to watch for in the fourth Democratic debate CBS News Battleground Tracker Poll: Warren extends lead across early states, leads in New Hampshire and draws even with Biden in Iowa Partisans dig in on impeachment, but majority of Americans...
Reuters - Business

Snapback to higher bond yields? At least five years, strategists say

BENGALURU (Reuters) – A return to significantly higher yields will take longer than previously thought, according to a Reuters poll of fixed-income strategists who slashed their year-ahead major government bond yield forecasts to the lowest since polling began 17 years ago. FILE PHOTO: A trader works on the floor at...
Cleveland Scene

Poll Finds Ohioans Oppose Abortion Bans, Support Background Checks

The majority of Ohioans oppose the banning of abortion after a fetal heartbeat and approve of universal background checks for gun purchases, according to a poll released yesterday from Quinnipiac University. Poll results were broken down by religion, political identification, age, gender, education and race. However, the overall results reported...

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