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Machine learning algorithm could help detect osteoarthritis years before symptoms appear

CBS News
CBS News – For more and to sign up click here Osteoarthritis impacts more than 32.5 million American adults, according to the CDC. New research published in the Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences suggests an innovative machine learning algorithm could help detect the condition three years before any symptoms......

Grand jury proceedings in Breonna Taylor case will be released following judge’s order, Kentucky attorney general says

CBS News
CBS News – For more and to sign up click here Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron said Monday night that he will release the recording of the grand jury proceedings in the case of Breonna Taylor to the court on Wednesday. It is not clear when the recording will be......

Breonna Taylor lawyer slams ‘devilish’ proceedings

Image copyright Getty Images A lawyer for Breonna Taylor’s family has called the grand jury proceedings a “sham” that has shown racial inequalities in the US justice system. Ms Taylor, a black hospital worker, was shot six times and killed aged 26 when police raided her home on 13 March.......

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