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November 26, 2020


Dog Saved From Flood In Mexico, Gets Taken In By The Mexican Marines Who Saved Him

Southern Mexico has been hit by tropical storm Gamma floods and Hurricane Eta which has clashed with two cold fronts, creating extremely heavy rainfall. Over 300,000 people have been affected by the rainfalls, with hundreds missing and dozens dead. The region of Tabasco hadn’t seen floods of this scale for......

‘We’re truly blood brothers’: A rare cancer, a risky transplant and how David Shaw saved his sibling’s life

David Shaw walks into the hospital room and takes a seat next to the bed. He does this nearly every day, right around lunchtime. He looks at his younger brother, Eric, tubes snaking across his arms, machines beeping and whirring. Eric does not look like Eric anymore, his skin darkened,......

Man Brings 300 Stray Animals To His Home, Protects Them From Hurricane Delta

Hurricane Delta put everyone on high alert, including Ricardo Pimentel. He works in an animal sanctuary called Tierra de Animales. He knew that he needed to protect the animals living there, so Ricardo did everything he could to ensure their safety during the hurricane. However, Ricardo knew that all the......

“We Saved A Kitten, The Dog Helped Us To Raise Him, And Now The Cat Thinks He’s A Dog, And It’s Just Adorable”

A few years ago, a firefighter from Belgium saved a kitty and decided to adopt him. The man brought the little critter home, hoping his entire family — including the dogs — would welcome him. And they did. The pooches, however, not only took the kitty in, but they also......

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