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Tourist Posing For Photo Damages 19th Century Italian Sculpture

Here’s what happens when doing it for the ‘Gram goes wrong — a tourist in Italy damaged a 200-year-old sculpture while posing for a pic. The tourist, who hails from Austria, snapped off several toes from a 19th-century plaster model by Italian sculptor Antonio Canova while sitting on the display......
Cleveland Scene

With the Ohio State Fair Canceled, the Butter Cow Sculpture Tradition Lives On As a DIY Home Project

Unfortunately for Ohioans, the beloved Ohio State Fair will not be taking place this year. But lovers of the infamous butter cow are still in luck. The American Dairy Association (ADA) Mideast is bringing the butter cow home to you. The association is rolling out an at-home kit for those......
CNBC Business

U.S. first lady Melania Trump statue set on fire in Slovenia

CNBC – For more and to sign up click here People gather around what conceptual artist Ales ‘Maxi’ Zupevc claims is the first ever monument of Melania Trump, set in the fields near the town of Sevnica, the U.S. First Lady’s hometown. Jure Makovec | AFP | Getty Images A......
In the News

Incredible Living Sculpture In The Lost Gardens Of Heligan Changes Its Appearance With The Seasons

Cornwall, in the Southwest of England, is a magical place steeped in fairytales and the legends of King Arthur. Here lie the mysterious Lost Gardens of Heligan—Europe’s largest garden restoration project that spans 200 acres and is perfect for explorers, plant lovers, and romantics. Inside Heligan, you’ll discover many secrets,......

Ten Smithsonian Artifacts You Can 3-D Print | At the Smithsonian

SMITHSONIANMAG.COM | Nov. 27, 2019, 10:02 a.m. The Smithsonian Institution’s 3-D digitization portal currently features 124 interactive artifact models. Of these offerings—among others, the list includes Amelia Earhart’s flight suit, a Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton and the remnants of a supernova—just under 100 are available for download as 3-D print-ready files,......

Mesoamerican Sculptures Reveal Early Knowledge of Magnetism | Science

Magnets are a mystery that has baffled scientists and philosophers for millennia, and researchers still don’t fully understand the properties that give magnetic fields their potency. Ancient Greek legend held that a shepherd named Magnes first discovered the curious force when a stone pulled at his iron staff in an......

The Americans Who Saw Lady Liberty as a False Idol of Broken Promises | History

It was a crisp, clear fall day in New York City, and like many others, Lillie Devereaux Blake was eager to see the great French statue, donated by that country’s government to the United States as a token of friendship and a monument to liberty, finally unveiled. President Grover Cleveland......

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