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181 Unusual Maps People Shared On This Group That Might Change Your Perspective On Things (New Pics)

There’s a wonderful online community on Reddit that’s dedicated to beautiful, intriguing, and artistic maps that will wow you and make you see the world from a whole other perspective. As someone who loves drawing maps in my spare time, I’m in heaven. And even though our generous and benevolent social......

51 Unnecessarily Ableist Things Students Saw Teachers Do, As Shared By Twitter

Humanity has progressed quite a lot when it comes to human rights, respect, tolerance, and the like, but there is still a ways to go as inequality and discrimination is still a thing—quite a big one, actually. And the internet has become a bit of a platform for people to......

Christine Quinn Only Shared Her Pregnancy News With This Selling Sunset Co-Star – E! Online

Christine Quinn is about to become a first-time mom, but not everyone in her circle had been privy to the news. E! News previously confirmed on Wednesday, Feb. 17 that the 31-year-old… E! Online – For more and to sign up click here To Return to the Main Aggregate News......

50 Times People Spotted A ‘Cursed Comment’ And Shared It On This Online Group (New Pics)

Why would Pewdiepie call a far corner of the internet known by the title “Cursed Comments” “the very worst subreddit” out there, I wonder? Surely there should be many more reckless and vicious subreddits that refuse to abide by the rules of common sense. Well, seemingly innocent at first glance,......

35 Jokes That Programmers Will Definitely Relate To, As Shared In This Online Group

A big portion of the miscellaneous cake we call the Earth is sitting in front of their computer screens at this very moment. The pandemic life has made us all largely dependent on computers, electronics, and whatnot. And while some of us are still sorting out how not to turn......

30 Eerie Pictures Of Abandoned Places, As Shared In This Online Community

One thing that I firmly believe all human beings share is our inner yearning for adventure. We might try and satisfy this calling with good movies, awesome video games, or top-tier tabletop games like Dungeons and Dragons (as a Dungeon Master of several years, I’m guilty of this). However, at......

66 Times Someone Shared Jokes About Picky Eaters And People Could Immediately Relate

For those who’ve never had a problem with potatoes viciously touching the meat on your plate like in Michelangelo’s famous fresco “The Creation Of Adam,” eating is like a walk in the park. When the sun it’s out, it’s fun, and when it’s raining, you just try to get it......

‘You almost had me murdered’: AOC rebukes Cruz’s shared interest in trading oversight

Politico.com – For more and to sign up click here “In light of recent volatility,” trading app Robinhood announced Thursday it was restricting trading of stocks in Gamestop, AMC and Blackberry and other companies targeted by Reddit traders, sparking outrage on social media. Ocasio-Cortez, a member of the House Financial......

40 Passive-Aggressive Ways To Get Back At A Rude Customer Shared By TikTok Users

“The customer is always right,” reads customer service rule number one, popularized back in the early 1900s. Is this slogan truly correct, though? I’m pretty sure that anyone who’s ever worked in this field has had the pleasure of encountering at least a few customers that were being rude to......

40 Times Designers Forgot Things Need To Be Cleaned When Creating Them, As Shared On This Facebook Group

To most of us, cleaning is a chore. Something we do just because we have to. So we try to optimize the process as much as possible. Get it done in the fastest way possible, with the least amount of energy required. However, some people probably haven’t picked up a......

53 Times People Busted Their Dogs Having A Nap In The Funniest Positions And Shared The Pics For #SleepingDogChallenge

The widely popular Facebook group Dogspotting Society is also a place where some of the most entertaining 100% doggo-proved hashtag challenges take place. Previously, every dog owner seemed to be in on the viral buzz, submitting their funny pics for the Look Alike Challenge, Smiling Dog Challenge, Guilty Dog Challenge,......

62 Of The Worst First Date Stories That People Shared For Jimmy Fallon’s Challenge

“It’s Hashtags time!” Jimmy Fallon’s collections of hilarious real-life stories are back with a bang. Twitter users are having lots of fun sharing their personal stories with the 46-year-old comedian and the host of The Tonight Show. This time, everyone’s opening up about their very worst first dates by posting......

30 Extremely Weird Real Estate Listings Shared By “Zillow Gone Wild”

Zillow is a holy database of “more than 110 million US homes for sale, for rent, and those ones that are not even on the market.” Now, keeping in mind this number, imagine the chances of stumbling across a property listing that transgresses the borders of common sense, practicality, and......

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