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Artist Uses Artificial Intelligence To Recreate Famous Paintings, Historical Figures, And Cartoon Characters (21 Pics)

Artificial intelligence has become very easy to access to the public, which has made it very popular. Artists all over are combining their skills and AI to create all kinds of edits. Even most apps have filters that use AI to make you look older, younger, or even a different......

Hungover Guy Wakes Up With A Strange Dog In His Bed, Learns He Adopted Her Last Night

Have you ever done something you regret after a few drinks while out on the town? How about something that turned out well, but looked incredibly strange and irresponsible at first? A tale about a new friendship between a man from Thailand and an adorable dog is going viral on......

30 Of The Most Iconic Plates From The “Rate My Plate” Facebook Group

“Rate My Plate” is a page as well as a group on Facebook that allows people to share the best (or worst) meals they’ve made so others can criticize them. Yes, the concept is pretty simple. And yes, the name of the page is pretty self-explanatory. If you’ve ever visited......

30 Times Commuters Saw Others Reading Such Strange Books While On The Subway, They Just Had To Document It

Commuting to and from work or school is a great opportunity to focus on some of the things we might not find the time for during our busy schedules. Like reading. Since you’re stuck on the subway (aka the metro or the tube depending on where you’re from), you might......

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