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People Are Cracking Up Over This Thread Where A British Person Lists 50 American States And What They’re Famous For

Knowing how many states there are in the US is one thing, but listing them out one by one, especially if you’re not American, may be a mission (nearly) impossible. But one Twitter user who goes by the handle @human_not_bees decided to take this task even further and list all......

19 Crimes And Criminals Caught By Their Owners, As Shared In This Twitter Thread

Pet owners are catching their furry friends in crime scenes, or, well, in some cases, discovering the crime scene and then figuring out immediately who committed the action. It’s fascinating that some of the pets think that there is no way you’ll find out who has round paws to walk......

36 Of The Biggest Cooking No-no’s You Should Avoid That People Shared On This Online Thread

Whenever I’m feeling blue, I tune into one of cooking legend Gordon Ramsay’s food shows. His screaming is soothing and I love absorbing all the advice on what not to do in the kitchen. You know if I ever end up having to make him lunch at a top-tier restaurant......

40 Of The Best Naive Beliefs That People Had In Their Childhood, According To This Twitter Thread

As children, we tend to believe a variety of things, from nonsense ideas to respectable concepts. And more often than not, those beliefs are based on some form of teaching, like something our parents told us not to do lest something bad happen. As adults, we know certain things as......

Teacher Rates His Year 1 Students’ Jokes On Twitter, And His Thread Goes Viral

Just like so many of his colleagues, George Pointon, a year 1 teacher from the UK, doesn’t know if there’s such a thing as a “normal day” in school in the current climate. But, just like so many of his colleagues, he still tries to make the best out of......

One Loose Thread, Rainbow Railroad, Bitcoin’s Wild Ride

CBS News
CBS News – For more and to sign up click here How the Danske Bank money-laundering scheme involving $230 billion unraveled; then, escaping on the Rainbow Railroad; and, Bitcoin’s wild ride Source link To Return to the Main Aggregate News Page – click here...

People Share The Best Castings They Have Ever Seen In A Viral Twitter Thread

Great performances demand great actors. And casting directors. But while the former gets plenty of recognition, the latter—not so much. Until last week. On March 5, Twitter user Gizmo challenged the Internet, saying: “What’s the best casting you’ve ever seen?” To make things easier, she even went first and submitted......

C. Vivian Stringer Is the Thread Between the W.N.B.A.’s Emerging Stars

New York Times
Howard Megdal Erica Wheeler still remembers vividly what Rutgers Coach C. Vivian Stringer, standing in the Wheelers’ home, told Wheeler’s mother would happen if her daughter came to play for her. “She told my mom, ‘She won’t just be a basketball player,’” Wheeler recalled of the conversation between Stringer and......

Person Describes Iceland’s Summonable Evil Whales, And Their Thread Goes Viral

Recently, linguist Mx. Leah Velleman tweeted an interesting fact. They said one theory suggests Europeans started saying “brown one” or “honey-eater” instead of “bear” to avoid summoning them. Turns out, Icelanders also believed this. The nation’s folklore wants people to avoid saying the names of the evil whales that lurk......

People Are Sharing Difficult Truths In This “Hard To Swallow Pill” Thread (30 Tweets)

Being wise, you could argue, is all about uncovering the multiple layers of illusion that this onion called ‘Life’ has to offer to get to the core full of Truth. Or, to put it in less oniony terms, if we accept what the world’s really like (not what we personally......

Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions: 8 Y.O. Skips Online Classes For 3 Weeks Using A Zoom ‘Hack’

Never underestimate the power of an 8-year-old. In fact, never underestimate the power of any kid. Period. While kids are like blank slates that are gradually filled up with information and skills, they often have one amazing advantage over us adults, and that is thinking outside the box, unrestricted by......

Sketch Vs. Final: Artists Show The Huge Difference Between Their Sketches And Finished Artwork (30 Pics)

A recent trend on Twitter got artists all hyped up to share their artwork. The challenge ‘Sketch vs. Final’ asks the artists to share what their artwork looks like when it’s first sketched out and when it’s all finished and rendered. The difference between the two is quite shocking and......

Alisson 2/10 as Liverpool’s title defence now hangs by a thread

1:52 PM ET Nick JuddTransfer writer Liverpool‘s title defence continued to fall apart as they were humbled 4-1 by league leaders Manchester City at Anfield on Sunday. Ilkay Gundogan was at the heart of the drama throughout with his brace more than making up for a shocking penalty miss. Mohamed......

Why Duke’s NCAA tournament hopes are hanging by a thread after latest loss

8:30 PM ET John GasawayESPN Insider Close ESPN Insider college basketball contributor First began covering college hoops in 2004 Has written for Basketball Prospectus and the Wall Street Journal After losing at home to North Carolina 91-87, Duke‘s record now stands at 7-7. A team that was ranked No. 9......

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