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The real reason WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange shouldn’t be pardoned

Kyle Smith For years, Julian Assange was an icon to the cultural and political left. Benedict Cumberbatch played him as a kind of sexy superspy for the cyber age in “The Fifth Estate,” back in 2013. Assange was depicted as a dashing “whistleblower” and hero. A French fashion magazine called......

China is showing its true — and ugly — colors again

Post Editorial Board Showing its true colors again this week, the Chinese Communist Party sentenced its first citizen journalist to hard time — for reporting the truth about the COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan. Zhang Zhan, a former lawyer who traveled to Wuhan in February, was sentenced to four years in......

Armed Mexicans Were Smuggled In to Guard Border Wall, Whistle-Blowers Say

New York Times
Liz Rogers, a spokeswoman for S.L.S., said in a statement that the company did not comment on litigation. Jesse Guzman, the president of Ultimate Concrete, said in a phone interview on Monday that he was not aware of the complaint, but he dismissed the accusations. “Everybody can allege whatever they......

FBI’s failures to protect patriotic whistleblowers, then and now: Devine

Miranda Devine Lin Wood, the lawyer who represented the hero security guard falsely accused of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics bombing, says that case “was the precursor of things to come.” The Richard Jewell case was one of the FBI’s most infamous miscarriages of justice, with the despicable collusion of the......

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